This park is located in Jiangmen High-Tech Development Zone with Longxi Lake at its northern edge. With views to an ecologically rich island resembling the famous ‘Bird Paradise’ in Jiangmen, the design of the landscape has adapted this theme to create a new playscape where ecology and urbanity coexists. The park’s objective is to improve site accessibility and contribute to an urban focal point on what was a barren land. We wanted to offer nearby residents a new lakeside ecological park with a cross-program integration of recreation, leisure and fitness facilities.

Various local cultural elements such as Taishan Diaolou (traditional fortified residences and watch towers in the Ming Dynasty) and the Palmetto Fans of Xinhui were also abstracted into the design to celebrate the cultures of Wuyi. This park has become a new local benchmark for ecological developments in the area. We incorporated a sponge base system and a series of rain gardens that results in an ecological drainage system that conserves water, aiding in groundwater recharge and managing flood waters.

An all age playscape highlighted by an extensive set of slides, a broad sand pit and various shaded feature nest and cage pavilions have helped shape the site into a definitive cultural landmark for the city of Jiangmen.


Team: Brandon Huang, Kenny Fung, Ray Wan, Ken Qiu, Katherine Zou, Perry Zou, David Zhu, Skyler Zhang, Xibei Wu, Meijuan Wu, Solar Jiao, Puyu Wang
Project location: 333 Nanshan Road Jiangmen High-tech Industrial New City, Jianghai District, Jiangmen, Guangdong, China
Design year: 2016
Year Built: 2017


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