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“You can come from anywhere: beyond Space and Time; wherever you want.”

Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

“We have studied architecture at the IUAV of Venice and here, along the narrow streets and the canals, were twirling tireless myriads of seagulls. Their wings reaching towards the sky in the blue of the lagoon inspired the silhouette of the bench. And the name, simple! The protagonist of the book by Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, the seagull who wanted to make the perfect flight.”

Matteo Zambelli and Ivan Del Ponte – Designers of Jonathan
The Jonathan bench is designed for three different ways of seat:
1. Normal Seat

2. Sitting in high stool

3. Lying down with your back slightly raised.

The Jonathan seats can be combined with each other to design and characterize urban spaces, patios, public areas or gardens. The high sitting, joined by another Jonathan with low sitting, turns into a table, which can be used for picnics, to read or write or to place a computer or a tablet. The clean lines of the bench give it a fresh and pleasing aspect and the innovative design offers a constant aesthetic appeal, while the high quality of Ultratense Concrete® material ensures a long durability over the time.

Manufacturer name: BELLITALIA S.r.l.
Designer (if applicable): IVAN DEL PONTE, MATTEO ZAMBELLI
Year of the start of manufacturing: 2016


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