Just Right Design (JRD) is a young and dynamic landscape architecture firm that founded in year 2008, actively participating in landscape planning, master planning, urban design and environmental study. Our energetic and experienced team are master in developing customized and detailed landscape design, incorporating a multitude of options that suits the design concept, budget and architecture of the projects. Our experience and expertise stand us in good stead to undertake any landscape architectural projects, from modest residential assignments to large scale commercial projects.

Our founder, Mr. Lee Choong Hong, always emphasise design philosophy: “There is no perfect design in reality world. Thus, as a competent and professional landscape architect, we always do our best to provide the right design for the project that is got to be just right design.”

JRD embodies a shared commitment towards creating sustainable and fulfilling environments for clients and the community. It was this shared passion that brought together the combined experience of different outdoor design experts to build diverse and creative outdoor spaces.

The guiding light of our design philosophy: Nature – Art – Sustainability. We always emphasise the following objectives:-

(a) Be with the Nature
Our design inspired by the appreciation towards the Mother Nature. The landscape design form the nature itself, encouraging dwellers to discover the art, reveal the true beauty and inner values within the landscaping work.

(b) Be dynamic
We believe a sustainable design is dynamic and timeless, not governed by the catchphrases of the times. Dwellers could discover the landscape works morph throughout the time and change with rhythms from different perspective angles.

(c) Be engaged
We strongly believe that a well-designed landscape not only increases the real estate value of the property along with that of the neighbourhood but can contribute significantly to the quality of lifestyle.

(d) Be fantasy
At Just Right Design, we fuel dreams and inspiration in our design concept, materialise wonderful ideas with the mission to bring the landscape fantasy to life.

(e) Be balanced
We incorporate the beauty of architecture and nature, encouraging the balance of landscape design and functionality.

Ameera Residence

The landscape design of Ameera Residence is designed to keep intact the essence of a tropical feeling and atmosphere. It created as a private green nest instils a contemplative living environment through understated space composition and meticulous detailing. Staying “Ameera Residence” is the perfect escapes from the chaos of city life.

Ameera Residence is located in the Mutiara Height, a prime residential with 7.07 acres enclave in Kajang, Selangor Malaysia. The development located on the site’s proximity to the Jeloh Forest Reserve, the landscape design takes inspiration from the verdant greenery and extension into the garden. Ameera Residence’s landscaping capitalizes on the ideal location, using a variety of plant life and structural elements to turn this residential development into a luxurious garden. The development serves as a serene ‘urban lung’ and inspires the residents to understand and appreciate what Nature is all about.

The concept of “Urban Recharge” is explored in studying the translation of different shapes, colour and textures when different natural elements merge into each other. The idea behind the landscape design is to enhance the atmospheric quality by provide a serene setting and ambience for recharge and rejuvenation. Inspired by the nearby mountain range, Jeloh Forest Reserve, the landscape is created as the link between the architecture and Nature.

Damansara Avenue

Damansara Avenue is a mixed development super hub which caters the needs of a sophisticated and urban community. The exclusive 48-acres township masterplan is designed with six complementary components which are residential, retail, office towers, lush green landscape, a dedicated sports complex and a performing arts centre.

Damansara Avenue located in Bandar Sri Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia an exclusive and complement township with lush green landscape. The development site is approximately 3.0km to the Kota Damansara Forest Reserve.

There is a 0.75km linear landscaped forest park at the center of the development to complement and balance the development. The landscape design is working in harmony with the architecture to create a multi- layered and multi- functional landscape spaces by providing the setting of sustainability for living, social interaction and learning.

The design concept for Damansara Avenue landscape master plan is inspired from the appreciation of nature – ‘BANJARAN’ (mountain range). Banjaran is chains of hills or mountains where houses a series of streams, waterfalls, jungles and rocks. It is a place where life begins and life connect to each other. The landscape design forms traced from the continuous range (Banjaran) and further derived it into the landscape layout. Different elements such as water, earth, wind and light are being blended and translated into the development. Hence, the story begins at Banjaran, the story begins at Damansara Avenue where life connects.

Damansara Foresta

As located 180 metres above the sea level, Damansara Foresta creates vantage points throughout the development, capturing panoramic vistas, mountain ranges, cityscapes, horizons and other picturesque surroundings. With such extensive natural surroundings, Damansara Foresta offers picturesque and tranquil living environment, promoting ‘Living in Harmony with Nature’.

“Damansara Foresta”, a high- rise condominium that located next to the Bukit Lanjan Reserve Forest in Bandar Sri Damansara, Selangor. The development is strategically situated in the midst of 42 acres lush natural greeneries, a 150 million year old rainforest with backdrop of mountainous terrain. The variety of ecological elements within the existing terrain and forest-scape is indeed a perfect topography and interesting natural setting for the designer to experiment and demonstrate harmony of landscape design.

The FOREST “A” concept was inspired by the idea of bringing nature back to the urban fabric of Kuala Lumpur city. “Home within the Nature” was the vision of the development.

‘Forest’ – An area with a high density of trees
‘A’ – The letter ‘A’ means a First Class standards in quality of nature without
giving up modern luxuries in urban lifestyle. All the activities and facilities
will be based on the nature-like as a foundation to educate dwellers
about the natural environment. The concept of FORESTA also derived
from 5A’s that include:

Southville Park

Southville City, a 428 acres integrated township has undergoes numerous years of transformation from a sparsely populated suburb to a fast-growing residential development. The rapid development unconsciously leads to a gradual oblivion of culture, tradition and character to the township.

The landscape design is to create a heart for the neighbourhood in the urban setting. An interactive, inviting and comfortable green environment to encourages the dwellers to explore the outdoor environment, discover the childhood memory, and to unearth the revolution history to the place they live.

The landscape of the park interconnects with the adjacent residential areas and Southville Sales Gallery, forming a direct connection to the centre of the development. It serves as the “Discovery” platform to the community, giving non-stop surprising with associated elements at every corner of the park.

At the centre of the overall recreational zone, the retention pond as the main waterbody serve as the rainwater collective. The pond water was used to irrigate the landscape areas. Besides, the park is shaped with natural materials, contributes to a sustainable water system and ecological values, facilitating sport and play. Local materials were selected to harmonize the architecture and the landscape. These materials can easily be acquired locally such as recycled bricks found at the site during construction.
A series of modern square arbour with climbers guide the visitors to the cat mural art pieces.

WEIL Hotel, Ipoh

Set against the backdrop of Ipoh’s old town heritage and adjoining the Ipoh Parade Shopping Centre. In order to avoid the chaos of traffic and street, the design intention is to create an urban sanctuary with richness of senses in the garden and also reflect the local landscape characteristics. The landscape design emphasizes on the connectivity of the development with surrounding context. The building façade are incorporated with green using climber in order to soften the building façade and increase the green elements.

Besides, the overflowing water from the water feature create rhythm of sounds complements the tranquil ambience. Luscious and green trees are selected enrich the environmental context. The existing trees have been preserved and integrated into the design.

The Urban Pit Stop located beside the hotel provides a connection with the shopping mall next door. The purpose of the urban pit stop is to reduce the pace of the pedestrian and take a break to rest at the benches provided. With the Pocket Gardens adjacent to the hotel lobby, dwellers can stroll along the pathway with lush plantings that provide soothing relaxed ambiance. The sculptural bicycle stand act as art where form and function are combine.

The contour and line pattern is reflected in the pavement pattern and the shape of planter, seats and water feature. The garden formed a minimalism yet sophisticate art from the plan view. Situated at the roof top, the sky garden offers the Ipoh City skyline view and the pool lounge designated for people to socialize and gathering.


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