Kajen sun lounger

Crafted in a sweeping shape that balances atop a streamlined frame, the Kajen sun lounger is made with maximum comfort in mind. One of the first park benches to be accompanied by a footrest, the design invites those seated to put their feet up, or just sit back and relax. This season, we’re launching a new version of the sun lounger crafted in Sioo-treated oak. The Sioo treatment process uses a water-based silicon coating to protect the wood, providing a popular alternative to oiled oak. The result is a durable, anti-weathering surface that is virtually maintenance-free. The laid-back luxury of this sun lounger and footrest will make a unique addition to any public space.

Manufacturer name: Nola Industrier AB
Designer: Thomas Bernstrand
Year of the start of manufacturing: -2017
Product description text:

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