Karin Standler

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Karin Standler founded a technical office for landscape planning based in Vienna/Austria. Apart from the planning and site supervision of landscape architectural projects, she manages research and planning projects aiming at promoting the high-quality development of open spaces and landscapes (e.g. EU projects, Leader+, Interreg projects, urban development competitions, school building projects as well as public squares and parks).

She works as a university lecturer at the University of Liechtenstein, Institute of Architecture and Planning to try to build bridges between the values of the past, cultural heritage and any necessary renewal, and between regional responsibility and global awareness.

She imparts her knowledge and her experience in numerous publications and lectures. She has been recruited as a jury member in design competitions and has been in the Advisory Council on Subsidies for Construction Projects of the City of Vienna since 2012.

From 2005 – 2012 Karin Standler founded the international competition “best private plots – the best gardens”. This worldwide unique competition under her leadership sets international standards in the design of garden architecture.

Another model she has developed is the participatory project “teens_open_space” that integrates young people in the planning processes of open spaces in cities and local communities. This model has already been implemented in over 20 communities and has delivered exemplary solutions on how to handle public spaces versus vis-à-vis user entitlements.

She is either a member of the board or a regular member of numerous associations and professional bodies in Austria and abroad and is actively engaged in an international charity club in an honorary capacity dealing with the optimised design of outdoor spaces for children’s homes.

photo: Larry William


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