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KAVICS is a seemingly beautiful object, that appears to be a delicate concrete composition. Even though it comes across as a simple public furniture piece, that one can converse on, read by, sunbathe on, or serenade someone from, these are only its features at first glance. KAVICS is actually a massive, concrete product casted from a mould, that was manufactured through 30 different sculptural shape studies, followed by a 3D scanning and CNC cutting process. It is the result of a long-term cooperation between sculptors, designers and concrete professionals.

The creation of its shape was possible thanks to our own, self developed mixture, providing us with this unbelievable smooth surface, and the special production method, that granted us this formerly unimaginable structure. KAVICS, just like all our products, is combination of the latest 3D modelling technology and the the traditional craftsmanship enhancing it, making it a balanced cooperation between digital technology and human touch. All the materials used in the production are locally sourced, within a 100 kilometre radius, the main gravel being mined in a 20 km distance, so that it’s more sustainable and community-friendly.

KAVICS is the Hungarian word for ‘pebble’. It is smooth, ergonomic but still grounding; effortlessly blending into its environment. Its uniqueness lies in its desirable appearance, that makes people want to interact. Our aim is to revolutionise public spaces, by supporting their development and through creating diversity in the design. The asymmetrical shape, that brings along the height differences in the form, allows people from all age and physique to easily sit and rest on this urban object. It brings a piece of natural element even to the most industrial environment. KAVICS both comforts and facilitates. It can be easily part of our lives. This was our purpose behind its invention.

Manufacturer name: VPI Concrete Design & Manufacture
Website: www.vpiconcrete.com
Designer: Fruzsina Fülöp, Péter István Varga
Year of the start of manufacturing: 2017


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