The landscape design and layout for Kovan Regency was conceptualised from the “Scottish Tartan” patterning, with respect to the architecture’s orientation and significant façade expression. The design projects a classic pattern system onto the landscape where the various lines are expressed both in the vertical and the horizontal plane, thus creating a holistic beauty in style and expression while remaining rational and functional – fit for a contemporary landscape derived through strong integration between landscape and architecture.

Inspired by the colourful connection of the lines of the tartan pattern that exploit the leisure and recreational spaces between blocks, the landscape uses extensive “green”, “blue” and brown elements in the design which helps create a more spacious illusion. This is achieved by interspersing buildings with blue water features, pools and waterwall; with green and lush vegetations, Greenwalls and trellises. Generously lined with different trees and palms, the Kovan Regency replicates a tropical resort ambiance.


Inspired by the expression and extension of clean linear strokes, strong in geometric form and shape, the landscape design provides an organization for circulation, spaces, and amenities to create a modern contemporary urban living landscape. Composed in a series of outdoor spaces that caters to the diverse lifestyle aspiration of its users, the landscape design is thoughtful and accommodates the various activities, functions, and facilities programmed to meet all kinds of outdoor experiences.

Water elements and features around the landscape area consists of a 50M lap pool stretched across the central artery of the development. Fronting the main Clubhouse is a Spa Pool, Toddler’s Pool and Reflecting Pools sliced diagonally, to further integrate with planters and trees. To maintain the privacy of residents in the Strata Terrace Units, a water body and a geometric bosque of trees were designed to purposefully terminate at one end of the Kid’s Play Pool.

The extension and expression of the “Scottish tartan” pattern also forms a series of garden spaces to accommodate active and passive recreational activities such as Kid’s play area, BBQ gardens, Chess garden, Seating alcove and terrace, and Fitness stations.

Extensive and lush planting is achieved with a series of layering and combinations of colourful and green shrubs of varying textures connecting with the lines of the tartan patterns. A wide variety of ornamental and non-flowering trees and palm species were among the chosen planting palettes, providing the resort-feel ambiance. Trees are organised in lines, while some are clustered, to celebrate and complement the geometrical character of the landscape.

Project location: Singapore
Design year: 2012
Year Built: 2015


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