Lage Loswal ’t Bat Venlo by

2024 Public Projects / Netherlands / Built in 2022 /


In the past The ‘Lage Loswal’ used to be a commercial wharf but it altered into a desolate car park when the wharf ran out of use. This spot beside the river functioned as the back of the city; the place where things happened that are banned elsewhere.


Burobol designed a park for all residents of Venlo outside the river dike running along the Maas. In the new design with large stairs as a place to stay, the city center of Venlo and river Maas are connected again. A place where Venlo now proudly faces the river. Burobol linked the current water challenge to the city’s history by restoring the green ramparts which are back in duty as a line of defense against invaders, against the rising water nowadays. Every winter the park is flooded under meters of high water, therefore it has to cope with fast currents and clashes. The project objectives included a water play area, moorings for river cruises and an event venue. With the green zones, steps for lounging and a stairway towards the water, Burobol created a place for various pursuits, constructed with materials which memorize the old harbor and historic structures. Today it’s a place to relax, stroll and organize events in direct connection with the old city center. The Lage Loswal has become a place for all residents and visitors of Venlo again.

The project has been selected as one of the best projects in 2022 and included in the Dutch Yearbook of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning. “The design celebrates the landscape and openness of the river Maas.” according to the selection committee.
This design connects Venlo with the Maas and links flood risk management to the restoration of the historic fortifications. Once for defense against invaders, nowadays against the water.


Designing a park outside the dike requires a special approach. Because it can be submerged for approximately 5 meters at high current speeds, nothing must float, everything must be able to withstand a blow and electricity must be accessible from outside.

Location:  Maaskade, Venlo, The Netherlands

Design year: 2017-2020

Year Completed: 2022


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