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Discovering the Present 

In the current social discourse, climate change, biodiversity and the development of Ecosystems are dominant topics. The design concept for the lakeside park in Überlingen focuses on these current themes and develops these with a cultural landscape perspective. The basis for this project is the unique spatial location of the park such as on the southside of Bodensee (Lake Constance) and the impressive Molasse cliffs (Molassefelsen) that border to the north. The resulting narrow layout of the park means that the use of open space and ecological concerns are closely interlinked. The concept relies on these synergies which have been mediated through the design process.

The newly modelled topography within the park is influenced by the structural richness of the Molasse cliffs. This in turn forms a landscape architectural design language which establishes and develops the current ecology. Restructured topography creating areas of flat and steep areas will replace the former wall. This diverse landscape will offer both contemplative and playful use of the shoreline. The fluctuations in annual water levels reveals the dynamic character of the design between land and water. The Planting concept combines plants of the cultural landscape with representatives of a “classical” park aesthetic. A beach meadow will be established on the shoreline using the existing species found there.

Due to this design concept, an extremely rich and diverse ecological environment will be created and therefore form a unique and ever-changing experience for users and visitors. These dynamic layers of the landscape will be initiated through these different types of uses and their level of intensity.

In terms of urban development, the riverside park is being developed as an antipole to Überlingen’s riverside promenade. In contrast to the park’s landscape character, the promenade sets the scene for urban life.

The design is strategically aimed at the careful incorporation of new accents, in order to continually highlight the historical identity within this urban space.

The lakeside park and promenade will be realized as part of the Überlingen Garden show 2021.

Other landscape architecture offices involved in the design of landscape: Mark Krieger Pflanzungen

Project location: Überlingen

Design year (competition): 2012

Year Built: 2020


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