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Public Landscapes / Public Landscapes / China / Built in 2019 /

For the design itself, we have the sentiment that in the dimension of time, through the integration of multiple spatial sequences. The embellishment of landscape space and the concatenation of story lines, Let occupants complete an immersive experience from society to future life. We want an immersive experience with a fusion of storyline and landscape space, Establish a definition of walking and experiential landscape, the transition of different landscape spaces and the connection of stories allow the experiencer to enter a story space.

Since ancient times, Humen people have considered swallows to be “auspicious birds”, Swallows are spiritual and can bring good luck, and there are mountains around the project, green all the year round, the swallow acts as a messenger, symbolizing spring and good luck. The swallow’s lightweight form was transformed into a landscape design language.

At the beginning of the design, we started from the function of the project site and used the conventional methods to derive the space. However, the effect presented did not meet our expectations … So, we thought of the design layout of the orbicular sky and rectangular earth! Attempting to break the square shape of the project building by creating a circle, we found the answer.

Ultimately, we want to use modern design concepts and immersive experiences. Describe a layered emotional motion line:

Five layers of space artistic conception :Entrance(momentum)—Seeking (traction)—Water Garden (Immersion)—Childlike (pleasant), Let the experiencers really enter a landscape story space.




The swallow entered the house, representing auspicious…

The main entrance façade is made of clean warm-toned beige stone tiles, giving a warm homecoming feeling; The entrance forms a symmetrical super-long display surface, combined with the ceiling, as if a swallow with open wings, welcomes the host who returns home; Three or five swallows hovered above the water feature, adding a bit of aura.

Water Court

Swallows build their nests and choose their place…

We imagine the site space as a container, Blend in the outline of the mountain at the border, through the combination of space and the collage of materials, a “bird’s nest” shape is formed. Make a turn, have a panoramic view of Mirror pool, Space becomes open and free; the waterscape flashes in the sun, as if it has become a container of light.

Space for Kids

Swallows in the forest, full of laughter…

There is a children’s entertainment venue in the venue, and the children are having fun and having fun.



Project category: Public Project
Role of the entrant in the project: Landscape Design
Project location: Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
Design year: 2018
Year Built: 2019


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