The design of estate demonstration area is always the forefront for landscape designers to explore the styles. From the ever prosperous European classical garden, the densely vegetated tropical landscape, to exquisitely decorated Chinese style courtyard, for these years, we have seen a lot of aesthetic samples. Designers design to meet the requirements of the market with more and more “luxury” and “burdens”.

At this time, shall we do the “subtraction”?

The project is located in Xu village in Linping Hangzhou. The design of this garden adopts the highly abstract minimalist modernism technique. Because of the influence of Hangzhou, we begin to make use of culture image of Hangzhou West Lake into three levels,which make the courtyard with Oriental charm and integrate into the local urban life.


From the view of visiting experience, Laurel Oriental breaks the conventional Chinese style, which has the winding streets and the deep courtyards. Laurel Oriental presents the visitors the most beautiful courtyards directly. In the courtyard, the still water is surrounded with the black fine sand. A Chinese Hackberry is planted solely on the white rocks. The ideas are from the Chinese landscape paintings. They make people have a lot of reveries in such landscape.

Then in the second yard, the most famous scenic spot of the West Lake, Three Ponds Mirroring the Moon, is depicted on the still water surface abstractly. The structure of three mountains is minimalist but shows the efforts of designers. The steps built tier upon tier are just like the mountains scattered high and low. High trees and luxuriant flowers and grasses are planted on the top, symbolizing the vitality of the West Lake.

The third experience is from the Longjing square garden in the deep yard. Longjing tea of the West Lake is the most important thing in Hangzhou, Jiangnan. It is not only about the taste, but also about the vision. The bright and green trees, surrounded by the clear water, have a kind of spiritual association with the West Lake, which is tens of kilometres away.

In the pure and geometric form, white walls, grey tiles, black sand and bright greenness, these four elements make up the whole space of this yard. We can get rid of the fetters in the life, get the mood of living in Jiangnan in seclusion and relieve boredom by applying such minimalist design.

Team: Wei Zhu, Liming Zheng Jingming Dai, Shiyi Shen, Ming Zhang, Linxi Meng, Xueyin Pan, Yuan Zhong, Zhengyi Sheng
Project location: Renmin avenue and Jingde road intersection, Haining ,China
Design year: 2018
Year Built: 2018


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