TIANYI—located in the Shenyang ‘dragon land, can not selfishly consider its own dress, and it is our duty to improve the essence of the city interface. The 300M urban display space in the front court is a contradiction point of the project. In most luxury house projects, in order to reflect the attributes that luxury houses only belong to only a few people, the venue will be enclosed and become more private.

Elegant tonality is a consistent pursuit from the very beginning of the project, and consistently expressed in every detail. In the design of the entrance wall, the smooth sapphire and the natural sesame black form a contrast in the texture, the overall gray tonality and the texture of the fine metal pattern are combined, only the entrance space of the central building base is used as an embellishment. The lateral width extends out of the gentle transition space.

As to the design of the community’s pedestrian passages, we have simplified it, and only used the changes of pavement to divide different spaces and weaken the damage of linear roads to space. The front channel is generous and regular, the side water body is exquisite and vivid, the building is well reflected on the base of the landscape, and the landscape space is also combined with the site. The change of light and shadow, the study of the pattern, and the foil of the texture are the focus of our attention.

In the program, the designer intentionally created some casual and relaxed hotel-courtyard style space, which makes the garden have a relaxing feeling of vacation and more reflects the pursuit of quality of life. Through the modern road lines, the various spaces are connected in series, so that the road back to home creates a layered spatial depth sense under the impact of light and shadow. With different outdoor space, transition between vision and space seems restrained and elegant .

With the gradual improvement of the quality of life, urbanites demand, outdoor visitors become an indispensable part of everyone’s daily life. The occupants are eager to have more interaction and communications with the landscape outdoors, and the essence of living is the community, even in luxury homes. The design of the backcourt revolves around life, and the outdoor living room combines every function of life. We move the indoor scenes outdoors, and living in nature is our preferred lifestyle. In addition to accommodating our basic functional elements, it is also the spiritual carrier of the entire community. All of our courtyards are centered around it, creating a different angle of view.

The design conceived a series of space, each with its own unique atmosphere and sense of place. Shuttle through the different courtyard spaces, you could feel the expression of various light and shadow’s contrasts.

Name of the project: Light & shadow-Longfor TIANYI
Role of the entrant in the project: Landscape design
Other designers involved in the design of landscape:
Project location: No. 88 Wenhua Road, Shenhe District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China
Design year:2019
Year Built:2019


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