Loco, a modular bench system for urban furnishing, arises from the basic project of a bench suitable for any waiting area, that can be matched with additional elements for different functions. A bench for waiting, reading, admiring, writing, communicating; it exalts the concept of versatility between neutral and personalised, strong and light, eternal and recyclable.

There is no limit to composition. The frame of the bench, made of anodised aluminium and steel, features a bridge clasp that allows the seating elements to be applied to one side only, adding the seating on the opposite side at a later time, if desired.

Always different, always itself. A single project that changes on the basis of the specific functionality and the context. The bench comes in four different versions: curved line and backrest with two slats; straight line and backrest with one slat; curved line on the seat and a single slat for the backrest; straight line with no backrest. The size of the bench, which is 78 centimetres high and 60 centimetres deep, for a maximum extension of as much as six meters, offers new ideas for the design of spaces with variable borders.

Loco is variety. The use of different cladding materials, including wood, rubber, plastic, and laminate, makes Loco classical, contemporary, avant-garde. Each single slat can be personalised with graphic or photographic elements, advertising application, and many colours. Since 2016 the Loco benches are available also with a LED back-lighting and with slats and frame painted in a 3D technology wood effect.

Dimensions: L 120-600 cm x D 60 cm x H 78 cm (custom-sized upon request)

The system also includes a range of accessories such as led lights, signs, litter bins, usb chargers and side tables. In addition to the bench, the Loco urban furnishing system includes accessories, such as a Wi-Fi station, a table, a bicycle rack, vertical and horizontal signs, totems, bollards, covered and uncovered litter bins. The materials used, namely anodised aluminium and steel, are the same that have been used for the bench and ensure consistent styling and shapes.

Manufacturer name: ALL+
Website: www.allplus.eu
Designer: Ivan Palmini


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