As part of the redevelopment project, the site is situated in downtown Seoul. The main design aim was to envision a “real place” of amenity for the residents with a wide range of communal areas. Elysian Creek, Elysian Garden, and themed playground are designed to be arranged around the central residential complex, where this concentrated spatial arrangement and customized garden furniture further aims to enrich and revitalize the community. The dense planting of selected tree species and specific plant selection contributes to creating a lush, forest-like environment. Gran Foret is a place of respite offering a forested retreat to escape urban density for its dwellers.

The concept of the playground takes reference from the Everland’s Lost Valley, which is one of the main theme parks in Korea. It carries a theme with a series of wildlife animal character areas and large-scale play structure. The play space was developed by arranging landform, GRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) play walls and bamboo forest to create a natural environment playground. The Lost Valley play equipment series is manufactured sustainably from acacia wood, which is a durable natural raw material. To provide enticing play experience, the play landscape contains a series of GRC play walls, thematic objects (giraffe, monkey, lion and etc), and diverse natural elements.

Project location: 175 Daeheung-ro, Daeheung-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Design year: 2017

Year Built: 2019


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