Land Sculptor Studio Company limited, founded in 2008, is an international landscape design company that run by a group of people who continually work together and dream to explore alternative solutions and integrate an artistically aesthetic attitude into landscape spaces to improve environment and quality of living space.

Land Sculptor Studio, known as LSS, is a multi-disciplinary landscape architectural practice with international design profession. We had sculpted various projects with unique creativity in Asia, especially in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, LSS had been branched in 2010 located in Ho Chi Minh City. We have experiences of the widely local practice’s ranges of various projects including residential and commercial development, master planning, urban design and tourism developments through our projects and designer’s experiences, thus we are defined by our ability to creatively guide the design process and deliver responsive outcomes that are driven by understanding of project context, site, environment, users and client needs.

“Our philosophy driven our company and designers is to achieve the creativity of uniquely artistic design and responsively functional landscape on various scale and to improve a humane environment and quality of living space.”

Besides creating uniquely edging design, our balance of practicality and artfulness lead us to landscape design which answers to all contexts of projects. LSS seeks to creative responsive design outcome that meet their environmental, aesthetic and economic objectives.

Sailing Club Nha Trang

Sailing Club is a fabulous and most famous bar and restaurant, located on Nha Trang Beach, Vietnam, since 1994, until then, it has developed its own well-known signature of tropical, rustic and luxurious beach bar and restaurant.
The job is to renovate the club to be more modern and trendy and solve problems of the club. Sailing club is mainly composed of 2 areas which are a beachside and an inner garden courtyard area which was occupies larger area but sadly ignored. We made the club main entrance to looks more attractive to people. We realigned the entrance to center of 2 rows of existing coconut trees creating a channel of vista from the entrance to the club and proposed a feature in the center of courtyard as a view stop before leading the eyes to the sea. We proposed a reflecting pool, as a feature in midst of courtyard, to make the club looks refreshing and vibrancy at day and become colorful pool at night as what a club needs. Water feature is designed not for competing the beach but to add another attraction, in different mood and atmosphere. There were existing structures that we transformed it to be modern and beach-like cabana and make it as an outdoor mini bar and dining area with a waved wooden feature wall as backdrop to screen the administration zone behind the wall. Family sized lounge, very relaxing couches, and sofas and cabanas were added on the opposite side of the pool. The purpose was to make people feels very comfortable and wants to lie there as alternative space for customers to choose between beachfront or comfortable lounges. The main courtyard space was defined to be as simple as possible, but rich in detail. We kept the signature mood of sailing club and refresh it to be modern & contemporary with combination of rustic mood of stones and tropical plantation.

Estella Heights Show Gallery

Estella Heights Show Gallery is a sale gallery to represent and sell a residential condominium development in Ho Chi Minh City. The show gallery building was renovated from an old structure with an intention to remain simple building design, yet to have attractive facade and landscape to catch attention to passing-by citizen. The landscape was designed not only garden around the building but also incorporated it into the façade to create visual continuity from the facade to the gallery gardens, to bring moods of development theme to customer’s perception even before ones enter to the project area and to create eyes-catching features as we were assigned. “Leaves, representing greenery at the light of day, are carried by wind then transform to stars at night”, the concept of the facade was generated from the mixtures of greenery and the name of “Estella” (stars). The garden was designed to reflect thematic images of the upcoming development as a modern and tropical resort-like residences. Access to the gallery was designed to enhance arriving experience by elongating access path and inserting it in lush tropical garden, like accessing a hide-away resort. The fountain and waterfall at the drop-off & reception area were not designed to be only decorative and welcoming feature, but also to create refreshing sound to cover up the noise outside this property, so when you arrive this reception area, you would feel like getting into relaxing resort, even though it’s next to highway.

Celadon Sports & Resort Club

Celadon Sports & Resort Club is a sport centre and community club for Celadon City Township at Tan Phu district of Ho Chi Minh City. The landscape design is featuring central courtyard as a main entrance of the club, a recreational swimming pool in tropical garden, and a forest-like children playground and a multi-purposed plaza for competition event at the community sport centre. The project was recently completed only the first phase comprising of swimming pool zone and children playground zone. The design criteria are to create minimal & contemporary landscape while maintain the mood of natural ambience. The children playground is divided into 3 zones, a common playground, and totter playground and climbing playground. The playground was designed to be under groves of trees, to imitate deciduous forest like ambience. Many trees were placed into this area where kids can run around them, gentle landform rubber floor is created to enhance the mood of natural ambience.

Saigon Centre

A well-known mix-used building for commercial, retails and luxurious service apartment located right at the heart of town centre of Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon Centre, the landscape is designed and developed for shopping mall arcade, public pedestrian surrounded the development, main entrance and drop-offs including water features to attract citizen’s attention. The design also includes a shopping mall podium rooftop garden to be used for commercial and private service apartment outdoor facilities including swimming pool & pool deck, outdoor cafe and children playground. The goals of our design is to create unity of the architecture design language into the landscape design while trying “to maximise greenery to the project and to the city”. The shopping mall podium rooftop garden, not only being an outdoor open area for commercial uses, we proposed the garden to be used for public recreation. From architectural design condition, setback and building height regulation that allow limited outdoor levels, had turned to be potential to create split spaces for multi-purposed commercial use and recreational use. Imitating linear pattern design from the architectural facade, we inserted greenery to increase relaxing atmosphere to the recreation area. The curved strip lines, as planter walls, were designed to accommodate tree planting medium to reduce vertical hard planter wall surface, those curve strips divide recreational space into many relaxing rooms.


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