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Floating City Living Room – LUSHANG JINMAO International Community Demonstration Zone

LUSHANG JINMAO International Community, as the first urban operation-level healthy community created by the joint development of LUSHANG Development and JINMAO Holdings in Jinan, the city of Springs; it is located between the two axes of Jingshi Road, Jingdao Road and Ecological Tourism Road, surrounded by mountains. Long-term supporting conditions are favorable, residential value attributes outstanding.

The project is to shape the window and preface of the city’s early public display.

Based on the existing abandoned buildings in the site, through design, the building and the external space environment will be upgraded and reconstructed as a whole. The city’s guest exhibition hall is a quality humanistic living experience space that further displays the beauty of living, humanity, ecology, and health in the future. This will stimulate the vitality of urban life in this area.

The DDON team based on the unique landscape culture of Jinan Spring City in the LUSHANG JINMAO International Community Project, drawing on the mountains and rivers of the famous Chinese painting “Feature of painting” and the forest boundary flying spring, using modern methods to show the modern era of the new era Habitat of peach blossom ideal living environment. The design emphasizes the blending of scenes, seeing the big world through small one, with twists and turns, and the secluded and far-reaching free space, which fits the cultural impression of the ancient city with springs and mountains and lakes in Jinan, highlights the quality of modern humanistic living experience, and presents the oriental tranquility between mountains and rivers.

The design is based on the space layout etiquette peculiar to the oriental garden, and shapes the gate-screen-path-courtyard-garden.

Through the spatial contrast relationship of the wide and narrow structure, the noble gate is the beginning, connected by the screen, through the quiet bamboo forest, showing the elegance of the middle courtyard through the combination of various water features, and finally entering the green plant courtyard to show the whole Mood from The Peach Garden.


The gate is a noble sign

Landscape ceremonies show the atmosphere between the noble family’s pitch.

Design concept:

The gate is an important part of the building. It is the entrance to the home and an external image. There is an old saying that “the door must be entered and the door must be taken out”. The form and content of the door in the broad category of Chinese traditional culture has a strong color ,”Men Wang “,” Men Feng “,” Men Di” and other words related to the door all tell the position and weight of the door in the hearts of Chinese people.

Landscape design:

The first look of the whole door, the oriental tones, and the simple door scene are on the way, paired with the symmetrical spring-falling landscape on both sides. In the ceremony, it adds a sense of space and rhythm. Laying the keynote of the door of the house; the open-type copper door, highlighting the style of the door of the palace, with the copper plated stainless steel logo identification system, delicate and exquisite, the fragrant beige wall material, sublime the quality of the project in the details. Stepping up the stairs, the sound of the springs on both sides’ echoes, and the Waterscape material is black sand, which is the granite. And the springs are trickling. Increase the ductility and guidance of the external display interface, and create an honorable and ceremonial entrance space.

The 19.8m high spiritual fortress stands still, echoing the introduction of the atmosphere, which is the essence of the city living room landscape, tells the quality and uniqueness of LUSAHNG JINMAO International Community.


Connect with the folding screen

Preface of Noble Court Meet in front hall Springs gather in all directions

Design concept:

In the traditional Chinese architectural landscape, the screen wall is one of the important elements. Due to the exquisite design, which mainly shows a good allegorical pattern in a harmonic and symbolic manner, it has a finishing touch to the architectural space. This screen design combines modern oriental design techniques with the unique spatial positioning of the city’s living room to create a favorable and orderly space atmosphere.


Landscape design:

Getting started, looking into the house, reaching the entrance of the hotel service, passing the height and quality of the service quality of the project, entering from the door, facing the door is made of copper-plated stainless steel, and evolved with water droplets from Springs. The grille, the detailed origami form design, and the shape of the hollow-type water-drop curtain form, telling the feeling of “meet by chance” that springs surges, big beads and beads fall into the jade plate. This screen welcome the guests from all directions gathered in the living room of the city. The night scene was opened, the stars were like a song, and the light edge of the silver-stained rice and agar wood beige stone edge was combined with the design of the black gold sandy spring stone platform. When Wu Mori is opened, the green pines on both sides are elegant and powerful, and the fog rises like a wonderland. A rush of sunlight in the afternoon enters the hall, simple and bright, the floor of gray stone, the black water scene, the beige noble wall, combining the texture of copper plating and the lush greenness, revealing nobleness and luxury.

Taking a step with your right hand, the space suddenly tightens , and the end view “Lone Maple” stands proudly, with a faint combination of calligraphy and a piece of stone standing at the bottom, allowing traditional aesthetics and modern art to be combined. Here, the scenery is picturesque, and composes the famous poem called “Wang Yue”, which is one of Du Fu representative works. The poems of the peak and the reality of the maple complement each other. The artistic landscape wall obscures the beauty of the park. The wall unfolds like a scroll, which isolates the hustle and bustle of the city. And all these play a role linking the preceding and the following.


Take the entire bamboo forest as the environment

Forest path hides, builds the east, the bamboo forest quietly peaceful

Design concept:

Walking through the thick bamboo forest, and feeling the evergreen natural scenery.
Landscape design:

Absorb the style and essence of Chinese gardens, lush bamboo forests on both sides, and the winding paths are secluded. The use of the rising bamboo landscape show the “loose and tight” aura.Bamboo half-covered, the heart of this life is the style of the Peach Garden. Permeate the artistic conception, forming the Peach Garden experience of“beginning narrow, only open to people”, creating the cloud of bamboo and sea, the artistic conception of heaven and earth. Also there is a sense of ambush on all sides and the crouching tiger, hidden dragon,forming a strong sense of ceremony.


The elegance of the middle courtyard

Observation in front of the court

Design concept:

Taking the shape of water, the title of spring, and the vertical height difference as guidance, in the core area of the city exhibition hall, we create the atmosphere of the spring. It is the bubbling up springs, the turbulence of flying springs, the water of the spring city, which resonates with form and emotion, highlighting the welcoming atmosphere of the living room of the city.

Landscape design:

The end of the bamboo forest, the copper door lightly opened, suddenly open, one tree, one pool, one corridor, delicate and subtle, highlighting the design features, forming a strong visual tension. The smooth texture of the black golden sand stone and the gravel sink of the site boundary are perfectly fitted with superb craftsmanship. Under the corridor, the light and shadow float and walk through the geometric shapes of light and shadow, giving people a sense of vitality and quietness. Moving forward, the exquisite logo wall carving of JINMAO Mansion is engraved on top of the superimposed water, like a flying spring like a waterfall, like a rainbow, clear and turbulent, sparkling, blending with the reflection of the plants floating in the wind, space. It was sublimated here, and the mood reached its climax at this time. The lightweight is the connection between the site and the building, highlighting the beauty of the space. The right-hand side is seamlessly combined with the mirror water feature, leaping into the exhibition space of the city’s living room.

Looking from the exhibition space from the inside to the outside, simple trees, exquisite landscape galleries, water reflections and falling spring sounds together create a comfortable and quiet negotiation space. Whether you are sitting indoors or in the water courtyard, can stimulate the feeling “heart like a mirror” or “under the court”.


The green plant courtyard

Walking at leisure, Meet and return

Design Concept:

Plants and trees are neighbors, enjoy the scenery at four seasons, walk in leisurely courtesy, watch the heart of freedom.


Landscape design:

The winding trail leads to a quiet viewing trail. The open lawn is used as the base of the garden. The background plants are well spaced, which outlines the undulating skyline. The combination of the plant community through the proper combination of trees and shrubs creates a comfortable and quiet feeling on the way home, and the scenery changes with the change of the four seasons. Different plants enjoy natural painting. Create a unique and simple and elegant residential aesthetics. Layers of progressive space experience, so that people let go of the worldly hustle and return to the warmth and relaxation of the family.


Affection for the East, Modernism, Spring City Fusion, See the World

A meeting of the world and the springs city, a grand event of technology and ecology, and a combination of nature and human settlements.

The design maintains the spiritual connotation of the main body of the new Chinese space, draws on the strengths of the people, and absorbs modern elements, methods, materials, and craftsmanship to create an oriental, international, and poetic flowing urban meeting room.

From the heavens and the earth, to integrate people’s hearts and return to the realm, the entire living room of the LUSAHNG JINMAO International Community. City Conference has adopted the landscape design of the five-fold tour garden, focusing on etiquette, cultural and natural scenes, highlighting the forest springs, poetic landscapes, and creating migration. Step by step, like a landscape experience in the middle of the picture.

Let those friends who are happy to discover the beauty and interest of life relax and harvest a peaceful and happy mood, realize the ideal life, and share a good time together.



Project category: Public Project
Role of the entrant in the project: Landscape Design
Project location: Jinan City, Shandong Province
Design year: April, 2019
Year Built: November, 2019



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