Originally, the site was home to an upscale golf course and sports club. In light of the recent expansion of the mass transit system in the area, M Resort&Hotel Group, initiated the development of a luxurious five-star hotel project, recognizing its immense potential to attract both local and international travelers. WM Koncepto has been entrusted with the responsibility of crafting the project’s massive landscape architecture.

As the project’s landscape design team, our primary task is to transform the hotel located on the outskirts of the country’s capital into a thriving tourist destination. The goal is to create an unforgettable experience for guests, encouraging them to return and attracting new travelers seeking weekend retreats, which will ensure the hotel’s long-term commercial success. Creating stunning and unique hard and soft landscapes is the primary objective for every landscape designer. However, what we believe would generate favorable impressions for the guests, leaving them with fond memories, is a thoughtfully curated selection of activities and a well-designed spatial program. These activities should embrace the diverse Malaysian clients, taking into account their racial, cultural, and religious backgrounds, genders, ages, and physical disabilities. Such an approach has helped create positive impressions and memorable experiences for the hotel guests. The landscape design team intends for the courtyard to be the central hub for all activities. The L-shaped lagoon-style family swimming pool takes center stage in the landscape. The swimming amenities comprise an adult pool, a children’s pool, and a wellness station.

Adjacent to these facilities is a 20-meter-long lap swimming pool, catering to guests seeking more rigorous exercise. Located along the route is a serene leisure pool, inviting guests to unwind and bask in the soothing embrace of the water. Various pools meander through the verdant surroundings, showcasing a diverse array of Malaysia’s native flora. The plants and trees have been thoughtfully selected and arranged for optimal sustainability and seamless integration with the neighboring golf course’s natural landscape. A section of the swimming pool has been designed to connect with the F&B Zone, creating a vibrant space for hosting pool parties on special occasions. Situated deeper within the swimming area lies a section that links to another party zone, featuring a design reminiscent of a gently sloping beach edge merging with the water. The layout has been designed to avoid a fixed axis, as the aim is to cultivate a serene atmosphere and a sense of discovery, enabling guests to navigate the spaces.

The slider presents itself as a distinctive feature of the pool and serves as the project’s iconic highlight. Nestled within the verdant surroundings, the slider reveals itself as soon as visitors emerge from the lobby, serving as an element of surprise intended to impress guests of all ages, from adults to children. It’s hidden inside the Butterfly Hive, whose design’s striking visual draws inspiration from an image of an enclave of vibrant blue butterflies, tucked away deep within the lush jungle, captured by a National Geographic photographer and explorer. The hive’s exterior is adorned with numerous stainless-steel pieces, carefully crafted to mimic the form of butterfly wings. The installations are meticulously arranged, resulting in a multitude of perspectives that shift depending on the viewer’s vantage point. The upper pieces feature a sleek silver finish, while the lower ones are indigo blue. The silver finish of the hive beautifully mirrors the lush greenery of its surroundings, creating mesmerizing reflective effects.

Another crucial element contributing to a hotel’s commercial success is the design of users’ perceptions and experiences, something that both the owner and design teams agreed was equally significant to a well-planned layout. Every space within the hotel is curated to ensure that every corner and area can be an ideal backdrop for a photograph. The lobby offers a breathtaking perspective of the garden courtyard, exuding a sense of natural beauty. The swimming pool’s surrounding zones and areas are designed to provide visual comfort where guests can enjoy unobstructed views without any distractions from the functional spaces and components, including the ones above eye level.

Ultimately, the design aims to optimize the user experience for all types of guests, whether they are solo travelers, couples, families, friends, or colleagues. As the landscape designer, we always imagine users’ expectations when they experience and interact with the garden and swimming pools. There are people who choose this particular space to celebrate special occasions or even as a place for their marriage proposals. To many, this is where they go for a relaxing weekend getaway after a busy work week. There are also those who spend their hard-earned savings to create lasting memories with their loved ones at this location. The garden we design must become a part of these individuals’ lasting memories. The charm and reward that a project of this nature offers is truly unparalleled, which is why our studio has always held a special love and passion for hospitality projects such as this one.

The conceptual design process for this project occurred several months prior to the onset of COVID-19. The pitching competition for the project’s contractor took place amidst the peak of the pandemic. During the period of lockdown, both Malaysia and Thailand implemented strict measures, forcing the construction to advance in accordance with the daily circumstances. We collaborated tirelessly via video conferences. Countless photographs were captured and shared to ensure everyone remained informed. The materials needed to be sourced and manufactured in Malaysia, Thailand, and China, with each country facing its own logistical challenges. As one of the design teams, we faced numerous challenges while striving to adapt to the new modes of communication and remote work in a limited timeframe. When the pandemic was finally resolved, the project was approaching its final stages and undergoing inspections. This project owes its success to the collective efforts and support of all parties involved, including the owner, design teams, and contractors. The collaborative spirit was instrumental in overcoming unforeseen challenges and ensuring a positive final outcome.

Architecture offices involved in the design:
Builing design :  Arkitek Dataran

Location: Jln Damansara, Bukit Kiara, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Design year: 2021

Year Completed: 2023


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