Malmparken is Sollentuna’s new district park and the largest park investment in the municipality for many years. The intention is that Malmparken will contribute to a good and socially sustainable urban development and is one of the municipality’s major initiatives to heal the eastern and central part of Sollentuna with the larger-scale and more socially disadvantaged areas west of the railway.

Malmparken is designed as a distinctly defined city park with active and value rich zones around a large open grass area. The park is designed with an organic design language inside a strict frame, with walkways in gentle undulating movements around an open grass area in the middle of the park. Primary walkways are constructed from concrete, secondary walkways in gravel with concrete edges.

To the north, a small park square is located as the park’s main entrance with flower plantations and seating and a star-shaped brick paving. The entrance square connects to a larger playground and a water feature that leads on to a large open grass area in the middle of the park. In the south-eastern part of the park, more active areas are located around the sports square, with a work of art created by three local youth centers. In this part there are a ball field, ice rink during winter, basketball hoops, giant swings, a running track and a beach volleyball court with sun loungers and hammocks.

The park is surrounded by a distinct frame of low brick walls. The frame is given a varied width with a characteristic brick paving. The wall elements are allowed to change position and provide space for seating, plantings, boules courts and more in good sun positions. The wall elements form a distinct boundary but have wide openings that provide entrances and invite you to stay in the park.

The park has a been designed with a variety of different species of trees and plants. Biological and environmental sustainability has been a part of the design process throughout. The whole park functions as a water detention area in case of a sudden and immense rainfall to prevent flooding of nearby developments.

Malmparken, Sollentuna – Program och projektering

Client: Sollentuna Kommun

Project location: Malmparken

Malmvägen 14B

191 61 Sollentuna


Design year: 2017-2021

Year Built:  2021


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