Martin Luther King Park

Projects / France / Built in 2014 /

In 2003 the City of Paris launched a tender for the Clichy Batignolles area for which the team of François Grether, town planner, Jacqueline Osty, landscape architect and OGI engineer firm, was selected. During the definition phase, the site was chosen to host the Olympic Village as part of Paris bid for 2012 Olympics. The project of the future neighborhood kept most of the main structural lines.

The entire urban sector covers 45 hectares, including a 10 hectare park. The 1st phase involves the development of 4.3 hectares of the park delivered in 2007. Founder of a new district, the Parc des Batignolles fits into the future urban form. Its routes extend the city by connecting neighborhoods and existing green spaces. The urban roads north-south and east-west extend in the park in the form of planted promenades. Built on a railway platform, the park keeps the overall initial horizontal topography except on the west side where terraces and ramps will integrate the level adjustment required to cross the St-Lazare railway network. In the center, the park stretches on both sides of a water piece that isolates and stages the parisian inner railway ring preserved. The first phase of the park declines the themes developed throughout the park: the theme of the seasons, the theme of waterand the theme of the body: sport aesthetic and recreational uses.
Sustainable development principles, a strong demand of the program, results in the implementation of an energy and water resource management:
. Sustainable water management: using management principles of watering (minimum discharge to the sewer, unless exceptional rains, rainwater recovery and recycling of water; creation in the first phase of a tank storage for irrigation);
. Sustainable energy: solar panels on the Forge and implementation of a wind turbine for the recirculation of water in the planted ditch;
. Use of low power equipment for the park lighting;
. Reuse of materials from the site
. Biodiversity :at the global scale of the park’s district is the intersection of several paths of animals, particularly from the railway networks nearby.

Entrant Office Name: Atelier Jacqueline Osty & associes,
Location: Paris -France
Project team: Jacqueline Osty, landscape architect
Jérôme Saint-Chély (first phase), Daniela Correia with Fanny Sire (second phase)

in association with:
François Grether, urban architect
Concepto, lighting concept
OGI, civil engineers

commissioned by:
City of Paris – DEVE of Paris (Direction des Espaces Verts et de l’Environnement) (Direction of Green Spaces and Environment)
budget: first phase 14,9 M € (without vat) – second phase 30,8 M € (without vat)
size of area: 10 hectares: 4,3 hectares (first phase) – 5,7 hectares (second phase)
design: from 2005 to 2006 (first phase) / from 2008 to 2011 (second phase)
realisation: 2007 (first phase) / 2012 to 2014 (second phase first part) / Approx.2017- 2020 (second phase second part)


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