The garden used to consist mainly of grass, but now the biodiversity of the garden has been increased and gravel paths have been laid. The new colors of the house were considered when choosing the color palette for the terrace and the paths.

One of the wishes of the residents was to be able to take a tour through the garden. This walk has been made as varied as possible by creating different sub-areas with different atmospheres and flower colours. First, there is a section with palms and red-flowering trees, such as Delonix and Spatodea and planting with red and orange flowers. This is followed by a section with succulents and a section with herbs and vegetables. In the shady part of the garden, there are leafy plants such as Manihot, Fatsia, Dicksonia and Alocasia. Next to the house is a white garden. The front garden is designed with plants in shades of grey and blue, combined with waving grasses and cacti. The garden is a true oasis for residents as well as for butterflies, birds and bees.

A straight path leads to the front door of the house. That line continues into the backyard, where there is also a straight path with an existing pergola above it. The house, the functional paths, the terraces and the swimming pool follow an orthogonal structure, while the rest of the garden with the other paths is more organic in design. 

A terrace area with ceramic tiles and a roof by the pool provides a pleasant alternation between sun and shade. In addition to this covered terrace, one side of the swimming pool is semi-paved with planters, the other edge of the swimming pool is directly adjacent to the garden. Rainwater can infiltrate through the gravel paths. 

Location: Estepona, Spain

Design year: 2022

Year Completed: 2022


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