The rail walk thus establishes a pedestrian and bike connection between the two sides of the Allier river by highlighting an historical site of popular interest. This enhancement involves the creation of a promenade with several applications portraying a new and fun experience of the river and the new facilities. It expresses and conveys the theatrical image of the National Centre for the Theatre Costume, iconic and beloved institution for the town of Moulins, reinforcing at the same time, the city green heritage. The submersible gardens on the right bank contribute to the natural identity as a set for observation, the riparian forest on the left bank is explored and inhabited, and the views over the town of Moulins are magnified.

The layout is structured according to three sequences resulting from the environment characteristics, pacing the walk from one bank to another:

– The garden observatory over the banks, its steps allow comfortable seating while offering a view of the submersible gardens and meadows.

– The balcony gazebo is an elevated observation deck projecting over the city. A transparent balcony floor above the water reinforces its exceptional and playful character, while a solarium allows for a sunny and friendly break.

– The cloud tower allows the visitor to rise to the level of the treetops enjoying an immersive view into the canopy. The tower combines this emplacement with a misting system projecting the image of a cloud of freshness.

Architecture offices involved in the design: DEMAIN Architecture paysage collaboration BASE, Quadric BE structure, Acte Lumière

Project location: Moulins, 03000, région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

Design year: 2018

Year Built: 2020


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