Mustard Seed Garden at Cyan Jacaranda Bay — A Microcosm of Immense Dreams by

2024 Private Gardens / China / Built in 2023 /

Our clientele, worldly and aesthetically discerning, seek unique experiences and personal expression. Our pursuit of uniqueness is a key highlight.

Unreplicable Expressions, a City’s Breath of Mountain Air:

True luxury must encompass the essence of the mountains, a feature we emphasized by allowing the natural mountainous atmosphere to unfurl freely and endlessly within “Mustard Seed Garden,” making one feel surrounded by nature despite being in the city.

This subtle ambiance results from carefully selected stones, trees, and every material underfoot, all sourced by our team across the country to restore nature’s authenticity to the utmost. Although the garden’s maximum depth is just tens of meters, it contains our deepest confidence in landscape design and cultural significance.

Trees: Majestically ancient, our selected old trees tower above the buildings, creating a century-old estate atmosphere with a poetic and ceremonial start in a limited garden space. From the tallest ancient trees to mid-level plants and ground covers, each layer is thoughtfully crafted.

Stones: To embody the deep oriental mountain spirit, the garden needed stones and mountains, perspectives and circuits. But this time, we aimed to blend with the mountain air, creating a new stony mountain space. Every stone selection involved traveling hundreds of kilometers and hiking mountain paths for over two hours, a journey that profoundly restored nature’s authenticity, building our envisioned “Leisurely View of the Southern Mountain” near the river.

Paths: “Mustard Seed Garden” features two paths: a smooth terrazzo for accessibility and a rugged stone path for balance. Each heavy stone slab, 200-300mm thick, is custom-fitted to the terrain, with every dimension finely tuned and assembled by Fujian’s finest craftsmen on-site. Walking these paths, one can truly feel the weight underfoot.

Art as the Soul of Mustard Seed Garden:

“Mustard Seed Garden” is not just a garden but a work of art.

We explored how to naturally integrate art into the ideal lifestyle, living amidst beauty daily. The garden’s spatial structure and layers are artistic, gradually drawing one into a changing artistic experience. It also embodies a cultural fusion of Eastern and Western elements. In its representation, we collaborated with artists to create original artworks specifically for “Mustard Seed Garden”—flowing sculptures of Venus, guardian deity Bes, and torch wall lights. We also continually selected from thousands of unique antique pieces worldwide, ensuring each decorative item was truly unique and elevated the subtle artistic quality of the space.

Golden Colonnade: As Le Corbusier said, “The landscape must be framed to be seen.” The garden’s golden colonnade, with its abstract hint of a Greek temple, was meticulously proportioned to bring a simple order to the overall structure, managing the scenery of the four seasons within this framed space.

Moorish Color Pavilion: The garden’s most languid scene, blending the wildest elements of Moorish style—subtle arches, golden columns, tatami mats, eclectic cushions, puffed seating, ripple-light effects, and tropical plants—all contributing to a dreamy artistic quality. We tucked this charming ambiance into a sunset corner, bringing Mediterranean romance right to the home.

Dreamy Outdoor Living Room: As a centralized relaxation space, the long sofa and plants envelop the area. The flowing Venus sculpture, Best cat deity sculpture, coffee tables, and sofas are all original, unique creations. Our intent was never to be merely fashionable but to create a truly timeless space, genuinely functional for living.

Tribute to Medieval Torches: Custom-designed with artists, inspired by ancient castle torches. Considering long-term outdoor use, we extensively researched and tested lighting solutions, opting for removable light sources for easy maintenance and convenience in lighting up the night, enhancing the atmosphere.

Cat Swing: Art also needs a touch of relaxation, and because we adore cats, the garden’s original cat swing design was inspired by our positive interactions with cats. After repeated refinements and considering safety, we chose appropriate materials for the cat’s whiskers, erecting the swing framework on the final day, adding a playful and charming element to the space.


Our understanding of sustainability includes ecological sustainability and the sustainability of the space itself.

Ecologically, we achieved a minimal ecosystem microcycle, minimizing intervention and maintenance costs, allowing the vegetation, wildlife, and users to maximally sense and adapt to the local natural environment.

Spatially, we did not fix the properties of the space but allowed those living within it to redefine its functions. The garden can accommodate solitary meditation, intimate conversations, afternoon tea with close friends, riverside tea sessions with several friends, parties with a dozen people, or even art exhibitions with over twenty participants. The flexibility and endless possibilities of the space ensure that it does not become a static, concrete area but a vibrant symbol of spiritual life. We hope people can truly “slow down, relax” here, enjoying the moment anywhere in the garden. Your gaze can endlessly extend through the trees to the river, mountains, and sky, enveloped by nature, returning to a calm inner peace, and experiencing the essence of life.

Architecture offices involved in the design: Shanghai Chengzhi Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

Private gardens
Location: China, Chongqing

Design year: 2021

Year Completed: 2023


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