In a condominium of high standard houses in the west zone of Rio de Janeiro, a great challenge was given to the team of our office, a big house that was completely remodeled needed a lovely, modern and comfortable outdoor área. A wide access formed by large rectangles in travertine takes visitors through a beautiful gardens until they cross the pivoting door, in solid wood, and rustic stones wall. As soon as we entered the extaernal door, we created a living on a wooden deck, that received furniture from Brazilian designers and intimate lighting landing on a lake of ornamental fish. Two adult Myrciaria trunciflora balance the sequence of palms Ptychosperma macarthurii and Phoenix roebelenii, creates a beaut landscape that invades the living room of the house.


At the edge of the deck, we design a fixed bench that matchs with the lines of the floor and brings you to the back of the house. Next to the main door, we fix a special outdoor mirror that reproduces and gives continuity to the bamboo that embrace two fountain designed by us. In the back of the house, we have created a set of living space such as: deck with wood table, spa and swimming pool with different levels. A large seating area was designed below the water level of the pool where the observer ,even lying on it, can see the water movement through a transparent glass on the side of the pool. Wood, travertine stone in small and large formats, make a perfect set with the hijau stone used for the pool finish. Next to the pool, we have created a beautiful lawn, eventually used as a soccer field, that fuses with a very tropical and lush garden.

Project location Rio de Janeiro- RJ – Brazil
Design year:2016
Year Built:2016


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