“O2 Residence”, a modern integrated neighbourhood condominium development situated amongst the tranquil neighborhood in the heart of Puchong South, Malaysia. It is located next to the Ayer Hitam Reserve Forest, Selangor. As the surrounding environment context, the landscape feature of O2 Residence project is designed to reflect the idea of “where home is community”.

O2 Residence as the first phase of the O2 City master plan, has undergone five years of construction period and completed in year 2016, is the sole residential component within the integrated township development, offering working professionals, couples, young families, and even business travellers who seek a healthy and green environment to live and flourish in. O2 City developed a master plan on the basis of sustainable principles. Its ambition is to create a residential area with an attractive public space that optimizes living quality of the neighbourhood and its surroundings and at the same time gives an identity and appreciation of nature just beyond the door.

In this modern society, it is often no connections between buildings, human and natural environment. In O2 Residence, nature is interlocked with the buildings boundlessly, enhancing the connection between human, building and nature. The landscape concept interprets the landscape space of “O2 Residence” where it’s not just a place live, it’s a community. It’s designed to rekindle that old familiar sense of neighbourliness, harking back to a time when everyone knew each other’s names, visited each other’s homes, played together and lived together. Here in O2 Residence, home is more than just four walls.

O2 Residences embodies living spaces that foster a true sense of community living, in its many indoor and outdoor facilities that are conducive to social interaction amongst residents and neighbours.


O2 Residence not just than providing an energy saving spaces for residents, the ultimate goal is to get residents reach spiritual tranquillity, and to experience the beautifulness of nature. The landscape design proposes a greenery park along the development which flows through the district of O2 City.

O2 Residence is a living place with lush greeneries that promotes sustainable, comfortable and functional outdoor environment for residents to enjoy and live in. The development has gained the Malaysia Green Building Index – Certified & Singapore BCA Green Mark – Gold Plus. This double green evaluation certified project goes beyond sustainability checklists to create a residential area that challenges the ordinary paradigms in living environment by emphasizing provision of ample green environment, illustrations of recycling ideas. O2 Residence elicits a sense of discovery, imagination and wonder through the relationship it creates between human community and the green surrounding which human lives in.

The development, which also received winner of The Earth Conscious Honours Award, is truly a public outreach commitment by the Star Property Award to inspire public awareness of environmental conservation and appreciation of nature in Malaysia. The public was offered a glimpse of the ideal oasis in the city. The project, which flaunted green elements, low-density living, and designs which blend harmoniously with nature. The gentle curves of the building mimic the organic lines of a tree leaf, where this unique design and curvature gives way to improved ventilation and shade.

There are more than 1,000 trees planted, as well as the integration of green technologies and environmentally-friendly elements implemented within the development. The development not only uses a rainwater harvesting system and solar energy from photovoltaic cells (PV), but also goes the extra mile with details like the use of LED lights, energy-saving inverter air-conditioners, energy-efficient elevators, on top of well- designed spaces for natural ventilation, and even low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) paints to limit toxins indoors. There are composting facilities that make full use fallen leaves and twigs around the development by turning them into fertilizer.

Hoping to share in the knowledge and importance of doing a part for the environment, the developer established an Eco Learning Centre in O2 Residence, which serves to educate residents on how they can contribute to the environment in the long-term. This initiative to involve the community as a whole is demonstrative of the developer’s emphasis on the community, which is a reassuring indication of the livability and sustainability.

The overall landscape design concept was inspired by the ideas of “Natural Habitat + Urban Habitat = Resilient Habitat”. The journey for residents to experience and discover the balance of nature and urban habitat could create a harmonious and resilient living habitat for the future.
The concept of Resilient Habitat develops the following greenery zones:
i. Ground Level (The Seed Germination)
The story starts from Ground Level (the germination), travel from exterior urban area into a journey of re-explore the nature. This is the area of the germination of seeds and further growth into trees and a hence creating natural environment

ii. Podium Level (The Growth of Habitat)
All these are further brought up to Podium Level symbolizing the growth of the natural environment and hence providing a comfortable outdoor environment for the resident to enjoy within Buildings (urban dwelling) sits on it

iii. Rooftop Level (Harmonious Habitat)
The journey eventually reaches Rooftop Level: Harmonious Habitat where natural and urban habitat merge together become a harmonious environment

As a response to local climate to create sustainability between structures and surrounding atmosphere. 5 important natural sources are adopted as key design strategies for O2 Residence – Greeneries, Water, Wind, Air and Sunlight. All resources are related to each other to create a balance and serene atmosphere for O2 Residence.
i) Greeneries
75% Landscape Coverage was introduced in O2 Residence, all around ground level, podium level, rooftop level and hanging gardens upon the overall land size of 13.54 acres. O2 Residence provides truly green environment for the residents to enjoy within.

Life in O2 Residence is more akin to living in a park than a residential development. No less than 1,000 trees planted throughout its 13.54 acres provide abundant greenery that reduces the ‘heat island’ effect and creates a soothing garden environment. The landscape has been uniquely designed to marry structure and environment in natural harmony, particularly in the podium communal area.

Abundance of Planting Species & Horticultural Waste Composition Practice were implemented in O2 Residence. Almost everything is green as far as the eye can see as more than 40 species of plantings (trees, shrubs, herbs and aquatic plants) were introduced over the 13.54 acres of land.

O2 Residence also practice sustainable planting method by introducing collection of horticultural waste collection (dead plants, falling branches and leaves) to be further composted into organic matter to be return to natured.

There are no boundaries between Human and Outdoor Environment ‘where man-made and natural landscape co-exist’. Landscape area at O2 Residence podium level is specially designed to imitate the natural environment where no raised planter boxes will be noticed and filled with undulating landforms. Hence it provides a truly natural external environment even it is located on higher floor level.

Hanging Garden is another innovative green feature at O2 Residence that 5 rings of hanging structures planted with creepers and shrubs are hung above the eco pond. This illustrates an unique idea of planting rather than ordinary planting on ground, in pots or on slab structures. Simple yet attractive Rooftop Gardens provide a more intense garden walking and resting experience at higher levels with the advantage panoramic views to the surroundings. Inspired by the living in the natural environment, a two-tier tree house is designed and located on matured tree for the users to experience the living environment at tree canopy level. Thematic Garden, i.e. Spice & Herbs garden engages the residents to be as part the natural environment by planting and harvesting edible plants just next to their doorsteps. Fragrant Garden houses local flowering trees species that flowers at different periods with different seasonal moods.

The ground and podium level landscape were designed to provide dwellers with smooth connections and strengthens the link between building and the landscape as a whole. The green loop has an open form that unites the entire development within the O2 Residence by a ‘ring’ of public spaces, encouraging local residents to jog and enjoy the view of greeneries.

In this project, fire engine route, parking lots, and facilities areas are covered by permeable surface of turf pave and gravel. These materials soften the environment visually, reduce water run-off, and make the areas become more pleasant and welcome.

ii) Water
Rippling water feature was designed and built where water drops from Podium Level all the way down to Ground Level to cool the surroundings and provide tranquil environment to the residents.

Eco Pond, a 670.87sqm of water pond located at the center of O2 Residence with maximum rainwater storage capacity (603.78 m3) that collect rainwater from the tower blocks. This Eco Pond cools the surrounding while the water are re-used for the irrigation of approximately 10 acres of landscape area. It helps in conserving of irrigation water up to 65m3 / week, that able to irrigate landscape area for more than 4 weeks. Aquatic plants were introduced to the Eco Pond which work well with the mechanical filtration system to clean the harvested water.

O2 Residence has specially incorporated Landscape Water Down Pipes (LWDP) to segregate rainwater for watering and landscape water for direct discharge. This is to ensure that the rainwater collected at Eco Pond are chemical pollutant-free. The rainwater at Podium level also goes through a series of filtration (geotextile membrane and drain-mat) before discharging out to the external ecological retention pond system. This ecological continuity of the O2 City master plan development is consistent with the sustainable storm-water-management. It contributes to the decreasing of flooding issues on regional scale. Alongside from the ecological retention pond, a pedestrian and cyclist park has been made to connect all living, working and shopping areas of the O2 City master plan development in a natural way. The retention pond park invites visitors to rest along the pond.

iii) Wind
Simple yet attractive Rooftop Gardens provide a more intense garden walking and resting experience at higher levels with the advantage panoramic views to the surroundings.

iv) Air
With abundance of vegetation that provide plenty shades and water ponds that create evapotranspiration of waters, the surface and air temperatures in this development are significantly lowered and then reduces the heat island effects. Air quality are improved in which the plants helps to remove air pollutant and absorbing carbon dioxide during daytime.
v) Sunlight
Sunlight is the key element for photosynthesis process for almost all plants. In O2 Residence, all planting areas are strategized to receive adequate exposure to sunlight, ensuring the continuous growth of the plants and hence, creating a comfortable and functional environment.

There is a revolution happening in the importance of landscape design around the world. O2 Residence as the first parcel of the O2 City master plan, is mixed with the move toward future sustainability living, greening the sterile downtown living world for people.

The landscape design and planning for O2 Residence is beyond aesthetic, visual improvement and social interaction. It creates a unique and brand new environment that promotes productivity, mental health, social interaction and engage the wider community by showcasing the benefits and technology of landscape design.

Entrant office name: Just Right Design Sdn. Bhd.
Role of the entrant in the project: Landscape Architect Consultant
Website: www.jrdlandscape.asia/
Other design firms involved:
Architect: CY Chan Architect (CYCA)
Landscape Architect: Just Right Design Sdn. Bhd.
Civil and Structure Engineer: G & P Infra Sdn. Bhd.
Mechanical and Electrical Engineer: PLY Associates Sdn. Bhd.
Green Building Consultant: IEN Consultant Sdn. Bhd.

Project location: Puchong South, Selangor, Malaysia
Design year: 2011
Year Built: 2016


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