The project began with building the new ÖAMTC regional headquarters in Dornbirn. Recognizing the importance of outdoor spaces in such prominent areas, especially with the empty parking lots nearby, the project included careful planning to improve the outdoor environment.

In the end, a comprehensive planning contribution was developed with a sophisticated use of shrubs and perennials, a biodiversity canopy, a wild shrub border including typical geophyte flora and a generally climate-resilient concept. In addition, recreation and meeting zones with individual furniture were developed specifically for this location.

At the edges of the southern part of the complex, there are areas marked by perennial grasses that define the parking spaces. Meanwhile, towards the main traffic area, there’s a vibrant planting design that adds charm with its colorful flowers. Yellow tones dominate, in keeping with the company’s corporate identity, changing with the seasons and occasionally complemented by white and dark red flowers. Tall grasses and specific perennial plants soften the rigid parking layout, and flowers peek through the asphalt, while solitary Gleditsia triacanthos trees create beautiful patterns of yellow-green light above.

On the eastern side of the building, a small green area along Untere Roßmähder Straße was turned into a welcoming parklet style space with comfy seating surrounded by lush plants and grasses, along with a spot for parking bicycles. This communicative seating area seamlessly connects to the main entrance, creating a friendly atmosphere for employees, visitors and pedestrians alike.

Similarly, a similar green area with plants and bike parking was created on the southern side of the building, becoming a popular spot for employees to relax during breaks. On top of the workshop, a large area was transformed into a biodiverse rooftop garden with herbs, wood and rocks, admired by both workers and visitors for its beauty.

Overall, the redesigned outdoor space has fostered a sense of ownership and identity among site occupants, demonstrated by their active involvement with the constantly evolving array of 11,100 perennials and grasses, documented for staff and visitors in a seasonal calendar showcasing the dynamic changes in flowering and autumn colors.


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