A new building has been placed in the Oude Dorp of Houten with 45 luxury park apartments in a spacious garden. We have designed the garden in close consultation with the residents. 
We have made strenuous efforts to preserve the large trees already there so that the garden immediately would have a mature appearance. A few new trees have been planted as well.

The garden is enclosed by a hedge and comprises large segments with ornamental grasses and perennials. A lot of spring bulbs have been included in the grass to make the garden attractive right from early spring. 
At the request of the residents, a strip for jeu de boules has been incorporated. They already played a part in deciding where to put the benches. To ensure the unity of the garden on all sides of the building, we have deployed oval shapes that are repeated all over the garden. The elegant paths have been made of attractive dark-brown bricks. 
The apartment residents are pleased with their garden and maintain it themselves.

Name of the project: Op Houten garden
Project category:
 Residential housing park
Role of the entrant in the project: Design of garden – Strootman Landscape Architects
Location: Centre of Houten, Netherlands
Design year: 2017
Year Built: 2018


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