The topic of the 30th edition oft he festival is: The ideal garden!

IDEAL: Ideal, from late Latin idealis, corresponding to the archetype to Latin idea „archetype, thought, idea“
GARDEN: Indo-European root cart(o), garto, protection, in Latin hortus, french jardin

All the doors are locked! There are 4 golden doors at the threshold into the garden. Children, little people, wheelchair users, Dirk Nowitzkis, all have a door with a keyhole at eye level. But what is behind the doors?

If you look through the keyhole, the garden appears behind it, in the letters Liberté! The garden is: freedom!

So the ideal garden is not a particular shape, but it is the spirit of freedom of the garden. There are as many ideal gardens as there are people who think and dream about them. The less we reveal, the greater the protection of the inner garden, the greater the freedom to think garden itself.
A work that opens the view to the wonderfully paradoxical, metaphorical space that a garden can be – somewhere between protection and freedom.

Outtake: One of the best comments on our work, which was one of 20 gardens in Chaumont. A group approaches the garden. One man is enthusiastic and says: “Great, here the toilets are not divided by gender but by body size: That’s diversity!

Project location: festival international des jardin, Chaumont-sur Loire, France
Design year: 2021-2022
Year Built: 2022


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