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2023 Residential Project / China / Built in 2021 /

Three-dimensional community park, say hi to nature

Chongqing, an important mountainous city in southwest China, has a steep and varied terrain, and the city is built on mountains, thus forming a magical 5D three-dimensional urban form. Our project is just one way away from Chongqing’s largest “urban green lung”, Central Park, surrounded by residential areas, stores and a strong living atmosphere. In the future, this area will rely on the ecological base of the Central Park to build a mature large-scale public service circle and become a new highland of residential value.

Based on the positioning of the surrounding industries and the future value attributes of the site, how to highlight the uniqueness of the project and create an ecological community park that is symbolic of the city, brings together commercial vitality, links to the central park and serves the surrounding urban community became our primary consideration.

From the current situation of the site, the biggest challenge of the project is the 45M difference in terrain between the urban living area on the east side and the park space on the west side, the underground garage in the central community divides the site into two, and the steep slope ratio of the lower area is as high as 35%, which makes it difficult to ensure the barrier-free connection between the sites. At the west end, there is also a flood channel connecting the water system of the central park. Due to the mountainous terrain and the rainy climate of Chongqing, the site is highly susceptible to heavy flooding in summer under extreme weather. The topographical defects of the space, the problem of height difference landslide, the disorderly construction to be built landscape, and the fragmentation within the site make it difficult for the native area to be perceived by the residents of the nearby community and stay for a long time.

We wanted to design the project to dissipate the huge difference in terrain height, balance the necessary flooding needs of the site during the rainy season, create a recreational space for the surrounding citizens to move around, and link the ecological green space of the whole central park. Therefore, the design inspiration of the project is based on three core principles:

  1. relying on the original topography and natural environment to reconstruct a three-dimensional urban spatial pattern;
  2. minimizing human intervention by taking into account safety factors such as flooding and ecology on the huge vertical changes;
  3. reconstructing the connection between people and nature and providing an attractive and highly participatory public activity field for citizens;

 1.Construct three-dimensional space according to the characteristics of the terrain:

Facing the biggest challenge in the site – height difference, we start from the characteristics of Chongqing 3D traffic network ground pulse, rely on the original topography, introduce three-dimensional landscape design techniques, and put forward four types of processing strategies for the vertical relationship of the site:

1) Adopting a combination of retaining wall plus scenic wall to dissolve the height difference and guide the line of pedestrian movement;

2) Natural steps with grasses and flowers and other plants to form an ecological underwood walkway;

(3) Creating underpass corridors to enrich the walking experience;

(4) setting trestle bridges to connect the park with commercial and residential areas to create a three-dimensional vertical landscape space;

Entering along the entrance, the spatial difference between the inner and outer municipal interfaces reaches 2.1M, with a pure and dynamic curved curved wall guiding the way and the natural staggered steps extending downward, the pure Metasequoia forest with hazy light and shadow, the Sapium sebiferum dotted sporadically, and the scattered rocks under the forest, interlocking and enclosing each other, with the inner and outer reflecting each other. Through the entrance wall of the mountain forest corridor, children’s interactive light slides and climbing logs go down with the trunks of trees and forest tops, with both natural wildness and childlike colors. Looking up, a 3.6M net height pink curved bridge hovers over it, seamlessly connecting the commercial and park shuttle lines. The gradient metal ring at the end of the sequence and extension is like a natural framing on the top of the mountain, taking in the green landscape of the central park on the opposite side, forming an artistic place to stay. Throughout the site, the park, community, underground parking and commercial areas are conveniently linked, with a natural and tranquil shade garden below and a vast and extended view of the hilltop above, where nature and art blend without boundaries.


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