Petite Ceinture, Square de la rue de la Mare by

2022 Public Landscape / France / Built in 2019 /

In 2018, Paris City Councill decided to open “Petite Ceinture” to citizens: a large railway wasteland all around Paris. Wagon Landscaping took part in the Ceinturama group which was in charge of activating this progressive opening.

First actions started with site walks and workshops open to habitants, associations and technical services to develop diagnosis, mainly focused on spontaneous plant and ways of maintaining. 

Then, Wagon Landscaping proposed project on different abandoned sites, based on natural dynamics and light maintenance involving social integration structures.

The “Rue de la Marre” square is the very first garden, opened to public, next to Buttes Chaumont parc and menilmontant street, on 20th district. Garden is organised on a long and large open space connected to streets and dwellings around. Terraces and benches remind railway platform; gardened edges and small copse mark wild deepness on surroundings.

Architecture offices involved in the design: Bruit du Frigo

Project location :

Rue de la mare

75 020 Paris – France

Design year: 2018

Year Built: 2019COLLABORATION: Bruit du Frigo


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