Plane Solid

The Plane Solid is not just one bench, it’s a bench which comes in several varieties. You can say it’s a family of benches. This bench is an eye catcher in the public surrounding because this bench gives you the idea it’s floating. Just a few centimetres above the ground. This makes it a unique design, that’s gives the public space a friendly and open feel. This feeling is strengthened by the rounded corners. These corners also gives the robust and bold bench a softer look. Because of craftsmanship and many years of experience with wood processing the bench appears to have been created from one piece of wood. The Plane Solid really embellishes the public area.

The Plane Solid Single bench is the simplest variation of the Plane Solid series and the floating character is really highlighted. Because of its friendly rounded corner, the bench really invites you to sit down. In other words, a special seating element for the public space.

On the Plane Solid Double bench you can have double enjoyment. This seating element can be used on both sides. So, you can easily enjoy the public area.

Extra seating comfort thanks to the backrest on the Plane Solid double seat comfort. The Plane Solid double seat comfort is suitable to sit comfortably with more people and to enjoy the environment. The backrest is fully made of 100% FSC hardwood, just as the bench itself. The backrest also has the rounded shape and because of its tapered shape the backrest is comfortable and allows the bench to be a beautiful whole.

A special element is the Plane Solid Pouf. This pouf is an asset for the public area where many people come to relax and to enjoy what is happing around them. The pouf is inviting and adds cosiness to the public area.

Street furniture is not always enough to set up a public place. The use of plants and other green will give the public space extra atmosphere and ensures for a more natural environment. The Plane Solid with planter offers therefore a planter that is also lovely to sit on. This cool planter has a natural look due to the use of 100% FSC hardwood. Together with the green it is a beautiful whole in your public place. Also available with a comfortable backrest.

Manufacturer name: Grijsen Park & Straatdesign
Designer: Patrick Grijsen, Grijsen Park & Straatdesign
Year of the start of manufacturing: 2015


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