PLAT Studio

PLAT Studio is a research–driven and design-oriented landscape architecture and urbanism firm based in Berkeley, CA.

Our practice works to bring sustainable and timeless places to life by integrating landscape architecture, urbanism, and research in our process and by thinking about our designs as a part of a larger environmental and societal framework. We strive to instill the site’s historical and cultural assets into our designs to create meaningful places for clients, visitors, and community. By seeking innovative approaches to site limitations we are able to create progressive, innovative places for all.

PLAT Studio is comprised of over 15 talented professionals, many of whom have a wide range of international, high-profile, and multi-faceted project experiences.  We work collaboratively with our clients, architects, planners, and engineers to deliver high quality projects under both schedule and budget constraints. In our international and complex teams, we recognize and celebrate diversity in our collaborative efforts to pursue holistic and comprehensive solutions.

Our practice has delivered designs for a diverse range of project types, from entire sectors of cities to intimate garden spaces; our past projects include large-scale, urban open space frameworks, regional and urban parks, master plans and designs for large office campuses, and private, mixed-use, and residential developments.

No matter how different the project, PLAT Studio is able to respond to the unique spirit of each place to produce built works of lasting distinction that exceed the goals, aspirations, and needs of the clients.

Forest Park West Entry – Connecting Community to Landscape Infrastructure

A growing suburb between Shanghai and Suzhou, Kunshan finds itself in a formative period of expansion that requires intentional integration of green infrastructure with its urban growth. Previously underutilized open space, Forest Park’s western edge acted as a barrier between the neighboring communities and the amenities of Forest Park.

The 178 hectare West Entry Park connects Forest Park to new residences. Bringing identity and functional ecology, the new Western edge revitalizes the open space and welcomes residents of all ages. Here an amphitheater, visitor center and cafe take advantage of grand views over the West Pond, with aquatic planting and trees to minimize views of the skyline.

The green infrastructure strategy of Forest Park aims at improving the overall water quality of the whole district by effectively utilizing its vast network of wetlands. Forest Park filters stormwater runoff from neighboring urban development and recycles clean water downstream back into the southern edge of the district. The variety of flora and fauna species incorporated into the planting palette fosters biodiversity and encourage visitors to learn more about native habitats. This planting palette presents an array of seasonal color, evident in the richly textured layers of shrubs and trees.

By connecting to local residents and welcoming programming that is relevant to them, Forest Park has become the landscape infrastructure that Kunshan West needs to serve its growing population.

Vanke Dongguan Mind Island – Calming Lakeside Retreat Homes

Vanke Dongguan Mind Island is located in the Songshan Lake area, one of the three core areas of Dongguan, China. It is not only close to the natural beauty of Songshan Lake, but also the city’s tech industry. Inspired by its environs, Mind Island creates a relaxing environment with open spaces which beautifully integrate nature and modern life.

The main entry area is inspired by the contemplative hills surrounding Songshan Lake. The undulating hills covered with ornamental grass and a sea of flowers form a circular lawn, dotted with large-scale abstract artworks, echoing the free flowing atmosphere. The undulating hills frame views so that visitors primarily see the canopy of the woods. The oval lawn can be used for sports and gatherings, creating a comfortable space where residents can activate the central core.

The landscape design of Vanke Dongguan Mind Island echoes the scenic and vibrant region. The atmosphere is quiet and lively, the space is unique and comfortable, and the design concept echoes subtly throughout the project. Visitors will experience and imagine their own life in the mountains and lakes during the whole process of arriving, parking, strolling around the hills, walking to the sales hall, visiting the model houses, overlooking the hills and seeing children play.

Suzhou Village – Exploring a Unique Shopping Destination

Located in Suzhou, China, Suzhou Village is a luxury retail development housing approximately 100 boutiques and restaurants. The outdoor mall features pedestrian-focused streetscapes, water features, and entry gardens. Retail paths radiate from the central garden and canal. Visitors can cross the canal to enter the garden, where they can access nearby nature and views of neighboring Yangcheng Lake.

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