PLATFORM’s name is based on its founding vision: PLAT, a field that supports, and FORM, the shaping of a space to enhance its characteristics. We aspire to frame the world through disciplinary approaches stemming from landscape design, a discipline with limitless potentials operating across scales from micro materiality to macro landscape urbanism and environmental science.

Founded in Hong Kong in 2014, we aspire to create an adaptable “Platform” – with a balanced focus on urban and natural environment, and provide multi-scale, multidisciplinary services. Platform provides full design services from Planning, Landscape Design to Design Management. The firm aspires to become vessel for talents and knowledge to converge to create outstanding designs and impacts.

​Our Principals and Directors all have over ten years of international project experiences in dealing with projects from concept to construction drawings, as well as multiple scales and ecological solutions. With a high percentage of built projects in operation vetted by our client, the team’s success has also been corroborated by various prestigious international awards.

In recent years, our team has repeatedly collaborated with Vanke, China Overseas, CR Land, PingAn, Hyatt, Jingdong, and Tencent. As a result, Platform is on the preferred consultant list of Hyatt Group, and awarded Best New Consultant by Guangzhou Vanke in 2017.
Room 1401-02, Kai Tak Commercial Building, 317-319 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan
Office +852 2994 6880

Central Park development for an Evolving City

Located in Panyu’s city center where multiple subway lines converge, the 3.88 hectare landscape space contains over 400 meters of waterfront, river restoration and ecological remediation, bridge design in conjunction with pedestrian flow planning, landmark sculptures, and a supersized central commercial plaza 180mx50m in size. The design realized the vision of park-like commercial planning, while seamlessly interlocking with the daily lives of local residents, thereby becoming the vessel of a transformed urban expression. With auxiliary urban core functions such as apartment housing, office, and retail, Vanke Jisheng Central Park has been established and will continue to be the most important open space landmark of the city.

Hangzhou Vanke Qinglong Residential

The building itself and the façade have been designed without any decorative symbols. Instead, simple blocks, sizes, light, and shadows form sculptural volume and harmonious space sequence. The sculptural building stands in the light as the time, the temperature, and the season change, presenting different space effects which are elegant, restrained, mysterious, and straightforward. Having understood the project’s position and the client’s expectations, we hope to create a pure and modern landscape superior in light and shadow and the space scale.

The Crafting of a Cultural Promenade: Hangzhou Hyatt’s Waterfront & Hospitality Enhancement
for G20 Summit 2016

The hotel has a U-shaped layout embracing view of the lake. To accommodate four world leaders during the 2016 G20 Conference, Hyatt Hotel upgraded its two presidential suite decks, VIP terrace, and ground-level lakeside promenade adjacent to West Lake.

Suzhou and Hangzhou have historically been China’s most prosperous core. The economic wealth passed down through many generations is attributed to the city’s cultural delicacy and persisting lifestyle pursuit. Our overall landscape strategy is inspired by its rich cultural heritage and its layered natural environment.


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