Shortlisted in Private Gardens in 2020:

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Private Gardens / Private Gardens / Australia / Built in 2018 /

Our client wanted to create an environment they could take a drive down the coast and arrive in a seaside escape. The garden was about creating a soft garden full of places looking out from the architecture to nature. Blending in aspects from the borrowed native landscape was crucial, whilst ensuring all aspects of the garden were hardy and water wise. Simple hardscape elements were to be considered, as the surrounding landscape would drive the narrative.

Our plan focused around connecting the garden closely to the borrowed landscape and letting the existing Moonah trees set the scene with their strong sculptural shape. Areas of lawn have been design with restraint to freely allow one’s eye to rest amongst the architecture. The use of grass trees work in harmony to create architectural planting while softer foliage and grasses such as Austrostipa to create warmth.

Large poured concrete steppers guide you through a courtyard setting, where structural planting of Agaves and Echinocactus sit alongside the softer backdrops of Westringia and Callistemon. Aulus, Leucodendron and Mimetus cucullatus add pops of warm tones, while the carpet of Baby’s Tears lets the eye rest once again.

The rear garden sees the co-mingling of native and exotic plant-life. Agave Americana and a mix of green and blue hues from the Correa and Euphorbia with bursts of warmer tones such as Austrosipa, Bronze phormium and Dwarf Banksia. All plants have been considered to work well in dry sandy soils and can cope for long dry periods once established.

Project category: Private garden
Role of the entrant in the project: Landscape design
Project location: Australia, Victoria
Design year: 2017
Year Built: 2018


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