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2022 Hospitality / Malaysia / Built in 2018 /

The club house is exclusive for the residents of a property comprising of residential landed houses and condominiums. The development of 650 Acres is located to the south of the Miri City. It has an existing 30 acres man-made lake adjoining a river (River Adong). The development is named ‘South Lake’ after the lake. This firm had prepared the Landscape Master Plan for the entire site, to be developed in stages. 


  • The site for the Club is located on the edge of the 30 acres lake. 
  • To the east of the site is River Adong. 
  • This clubhouse site was developed first, ahead of other housing parcels in the development, as it was intended as a marketing tool, to showcase the facilities and the lifestyle the development offers to its potential buyers.
  • The marketing tagline is:  


Welcome to a different world of living. Embrace tranquility when you live next to a 30-acre lake. Savor endless lifestyle moments at the stunning clubhouse. Revel in nature with beautiful and lush landscapes all around this enclave. Dwell with total peace of mind in a guarded environment. South Lake is the crème of Bandar Baru Permyjaya, Miri.

  • A new road and a road bridge was constructed first to gain access to the clubhouse site across the River Adong which was landscape treated by the firm.  
  • This clubhouse has a full range of recreational facilities, sports and food and beverage outlets in a modern resort style.
  • The club building consists of several single-storey ‘pavilions’ across the site linked together with covered walkways in open tropical design concept for natural ventilation. 
  • There are many courtyard gardens and intimate spaces in between the pavilions and with covered walkways passing through the courtyards gardens, its sets a casual resort feel.


  • The landscape architects had located all the external recreational facilities in the grounds in between the lake and the clubhouse.
  • The 50 meters lap swimming pool and 3 children pools are located on the lake side frontage of the Clubhouse.
  • From the drop off point at the front of the clubhouse, the lobby opens directly to the pool side terrace, with sizeable landscape courtyards on both sides.
  • Open landscape terraces overlook towards the swimming pool are designed to accommodate outdoor dining.
  • The seamless integrations of interior and exterior spaces of the Clubhouse is reflected in the landscape that brings the greenery in a continuous yet subtle way into the clubhouse.
  • There is a BBQ external court located away from the swimming pool area, keeping the smoke away from the swimming pool terrace.
  • A water court garden (Courtyard 3) is on the left side of the swimming pool.
  • The swimming pool terrace is linked to the lake front walk. Controlled access key cards are provided to club members.
  • Boating facilities and other lake reactional activities are provided in the lake.
  • Outdoor sport activities are located to the far end of the site away from the swimming pool amenity areas.
  • Aside from the 3 larger landscape courtyards marked in the landscape master plan, there are numerous smaller landscape courtyards and planting strips in between the covered walkways and the pavilions


  • The main 50 meters swimming pool has 9 lanes.
  • The main pool has a sloped base from the pool deck which provides entry without fear of tripping over steps and pool edges.
  • Open terraces of the lobby, the coffee centers, the cafeteria and the lounge areas all have views towards the swimming pool and to the lake beyond. 
  • Surrounding landscape is designed to provide maximum unobstructed sightlines from the landscape outdoor open terraces and the club’s interior spaces towards the swimming pool and the lake.  Plantings were carefully placed.
  • 3 children wading/soaking pools respectively of 300mm, 450mm and 600mm depth are provided for different aged groups children. Each of these pools are lined with glass mosaics of different colors.
  • A spouting water feature creates interests and rhythmic sounds from flowing water.


  • Courtyards are provided in between the pavilions provide natural ventilation and natural lighting and through them, nature is integrated with the built forms. Altogether, there are 5 numbers of landscaped courtyards of varying sizes.
  • Through the courtyards, the architectural and landscape architectural elements are brought into the space, blurring the indoor and outdoor boundaries. 
  • In keeping with the resort atmosphere, all the courtyards are landscaped with tropical plants requiring minimal maintenance. These plantings provide privacy between the different areas and functions of the clubhouse.
  • Toilets are well ventilated as they are integrated with the planted courtyards introduced.                                                                   
  • Two landscape arrival courtyards on both sides of the lobby were added by the landscape architect to address the building’s frontage, creating privacy of space from the car park. The larger hard landscape courtyard on the left to the entry walkway measure 80m2 and it was designed with imbedded strip LED colored lighting in the hard paved flooring and this create the night ambience with a difference. Seating areas are provided and this courtyard is large enough to hold a small gathering. 


  • There are indoor and outdoor games courts for lawn tennis, badminton, basketball, squash games. 
  • Other activities facilities – Gym, activity rooms and library 


  • Both indoor and outdoor playgrounds are provided, linked in close proximity.
  • Outdoor playset has a canopy specially designed as a sculptural element in the landscape. It emulated 3 flower petals of the national flower, Hibiscus. This shade structure is very useful in the hot tropical climate and allows the play set to be used all day long.


  • It is only a short walk from the clubhouse to the lake. To accentuate the sightline to the lake, the landscape is designed to create an illusion of space by skewing the seating feature and the tree lines set at an angle.
  • Shade and statement trees are both provided in the lawn areas.
  • Hard landscape and grass areas are applied, all in seamless flow of spaces.
  • The pool is tiled with sohofen natural stone, so chosen because of it’s warn cheerful colour tone which stands out prominently against the blue water of the swimming pool.
  • Poolside shower areas are carefully located not to impede visual lines from the landscape terraces around the clubhouse building.


  • The car park is planted with trees and shrub plantings.


  • Avenue of palms, shrubs and footpaths lined the approach road into the development site from the main highway
  • The property is gated with control at the Entry Statement.


Given a site plan showing only the location of a proposed clubhouse and its many carparks, the landscape architects had designed all external grounds; the intermediate spaces linking to the external grounds to the building; provided for all external recreational activities such that the ambience of the property was very much provided by the landscape architect. 

The success of the project came from formulation to provide a resort landscape ambience to fit up a clubhouse built from many individual pavilions. 

For the open spaces in between 2 pavilions, the open spaces between the covered walkways and the pavilions; the external grounds beyond, the success came from identifying the needs to convert these very open spaces into landscape rooms, some are secluded courtyards and some semi-secluded courtyards, either as statement or a linked functional spaces to compliment the function of the activities the building.

  • On both sides of the entry walkway to the lobby, the fragmented open spaces to its right and left were designed as an integral courtyard space with the walkway and lobby for cohesive environmental ambience. We converted an otherwise left over space facing a busy car park into a secluded functional space and strengthen the relation of space around the building.
  • The intermediate external space in between 2 pavilions housing toilets were screened from other external landscape spaces and designed as a garden extension to the toilet facilities.
  • Narrow strips of open spaces alongside the covered walkway were planted and some part designed to provide sitting corners. These connectivity routes were enriched with interests.

The landscape architect also determined open spaces which has to be screened or turned into a private space. 

  • The external grounds from the kitchen pavilion  adjacent to the swimming pool deck was separated from the pool terrace with planting screens to separate the two diverse functions of these 2 spaces.  This private kitchen external space is also a private employee garden courtyard.

When the interconnectivity spaces with the building dealt with, all external spaces in the site became freed up for recreational landscape treatment.


Design year: 2017

Year Built: 2018


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