Private Residential Garden L-Schieren by

Private Gardens / Private Gardens / Luxembourg / Built in 2016 /

The private garden with an area of 3,150 sq. mt. is located in the traditional community of Schieren, Luxembourg. The garden is separated by the road with the house as a sound and visual buffer. A rectangular parterre in front of the house presents the architectural connection between the house and the landscaped garden. The design for the landscaped garden plays along an open axis from west to east marked by trees and shrubs leading to an extensive lawn with shady willow arcade as a sheltered area.

The design for the garden incorporates the native old fruit and nut trees. Design envisages the use of natural stones as the border of the parterre leading to the stairs accessing the trails of the garden. It encompasses various organic open spaces like oval sundeck, extensive lawn. The design visualizes some small gardens with a fireplace for the recreational purpose to the south of the lawn. This garden incorporates the natural and the seasonal colors from the plants giving a vibrant and colorful essence to the garden throughout the year respective of the seasonal landscape. To aid this organic and seasonal structure of scenery, it is supported by elements such as hedges, flower beds, benches and trees. An important part of the design is the artificial lighting thus enhancing the overall user experience for the garden. As a scenic miniature, the garden houses the species-rich collage of a disappearing cultural landscape thus boosting the cultural and the landscape value of the area.

MDL S.á.r.l
Design year: 2015-2016
Year Built: 2016


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