Qionglin HAKKA Lion Playground by

2023 Playgrounds and Schools / Taiwan / Built in 2022 /

Located in Qionglin Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan, the “Hakka Lion” culture preserves the cultural assets of Hsinchu County. With the development of society, it has changed from the early defensive nature to the Hakka boxing that unites the family’s centripetal force and strengthens the body. After absorbing After the lion art culture, it has become an entertainment performance in the spare time of busy farming or a festive celebration of the New Year. Traditional Hakka settlements are under social changes such as population and economic structure, and Hakka martial lion culture has gradually declined. With the cohesion of community building and local consciousness, the local lion groups in the Qionglin area started a cultural revival movement to jointly preserve and recreate the Hakka lion culture. The development of the Hakka Lion in the Qionglin area is the epitome of the Taiwanese ethnic group’s history of relocation and social changes, and the “Hakka Lion” in the Qionglin area is a comprehensive art of music, dance, martial arts and drama, rich in local characteristics and Cultural inheritance is not easy. The Hsinchu County Government is looking for solutions for the cultural inheritance of Hakka Lions. If cultural inheritance can be intimately and deeply rooted in the heart from a young age, it may be a direction of efforts.

The design of the park division is mainly divided into two areas. The Hakka Lion  international performance square is set up in conjunction with the promotion of the Hakka Lion culture. It is a sunken circular permeable square with a diameter of about 15-17 meters. There are stairs around the square as seat , the Hakka Lion totem is set in the center of the square, and a barrier-free and friendly ramp is planned. The other area is the Hakka Lion theme playground, which is designed to study the parts or movements required for the interpretation of the Hakka Lion-thigh-calf-foot -Waist-arm-grasp-twisting, as the basis of game function design, translate and optimize the face and body characteristics of the Hakka Lion, optimize the intimidating expression of resisting foreign enemies into a more friendly expression, retain the characteristics of the Hakka Lion, and endow it with Functionality, including three FRP slides, game platforms, rock climbing walls, crossing rings, ladders, slope climbing boards, viewing windows, drawing boards, Monkey Bar and other game values, and the left front and right rear feet are added to present a tame and prone position , to increase affinity, the Hakka Lion-themed play equipment is 620cm high, 760cm wide, and 1645cm long. The lion’s shawl is transformed into a seamless safety mat with a triangular figure. In addition, a parent-child swing, a forest wooden house tower and a sandpit are added to cooperate with the WingTsun martial arts group. An outdoor WingTsun wooden man pile practice area is added, which is the world’s first playground set up with the theme of inheriting the culture of Hakka Lion.

Client: Hsinchu County Government

Design team: Lee, Wu Po-Cheng, LO, YI-LUNG, Wu Chunwei, Kao Li Hsin

Location: Qionglin Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Design year:2021

Year Completed: December 2022


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