QTZ Concrete Edition

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The QTZ collection has been designed by Alexander Lotersztain, Argentinian born Australian designer and manufactured by the urban element division of IVANKA. The shaping of the objects was born by the naturally occurring forms and crystallization process of quartz.

IVANKA has worked on the evolution and diversification of the initially strictly limited metal range to make it also available in larger series for various applications such as public spaces for everyone to enjoy. The development of the concrete edition resulted a 4-element modular seating collection with table and footrest accessories – including the brand new member: QTZ Lounger without headrest – robust and practical with muted design gestures, in contrast to the iconic QTZ Lounger ‘throne’.

The QTZ collection’s Lounger, Lounger without headrest, Table and Footrest is available in three different material categories; beyond the basic (off-white, mouse grey, rock grey) and special mixtures (sm green, tobacco), there is a limited-number line of genuinely selected aggregate surfaces with handmade deep grinding and finishing. The unique items bring new-generation natural materiality, and the well-known high performance of IVANKA technologies. Through its firm structure, durability, and resistance to external forces, concrete allows wide usage of the product; due to its unique design the QTZ Concrete Edition creates an exclusive atmosphere for any outdoor, indoor or semi-outdoor projects, and urban environments.

“As a designer there is no greater satisfaction than to collaborate with a company that focuses on innovation and strives to push the boundaries of the material to new levels. I am excited to see the evolution of QTZ in concrete and showcase IVANKA’s expertise in the field; creating a new contemporary urban element typology.” – Alexander Lotersztain


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