Ramatuelle Concept by

2022 Hospitality / Romania / Built in 2021 /

Ramatuelle Concept is a private events park developed by MRS. The site has 81.000 sqm and has been opened on August 14th 2021. CMD/LA is the one who designed all the outdoor spaces of the project. The concept was to integrate four events buildings into one public space. Developed by CMD/LA, the concept consisted in arranging three out of four buildings by a 1.300 sqm artificial lake also designed by the landscape architects.

For the entrance of the fourth restaurant they also envisioned a river which springs from two beautifully shaped white walls and flows on multiple steps over a texture of extruded cobblestones.

In front of all three restaurants, the landscape architects designed metallic water basins which mirror the buildings facades into the water. For the fourth restaurant, the landscapers designed a very beautiful outdoor party area to be discovered by the visitors after they pass through the walls, with an open bar, an infinity pool, wood decking and green spaces.

If the fourth restaurant has the best view over the lake, the landscape architects designed three pontoons, one for each restaurant. Here, the visitors cand go outside and enjoy themselves in the evenings with a beautiful view of the lake and forest and have a drink while they socialise.

Lighting this park was also a challenge for the designers from CMD/LA. From beautifully shaped lighting polls to fairy pavement stars, all the lights were part of an integrated concept.

Project category: Hospitality

Buildings Architecture: arch Andreea Besliu

Project Location: Romania, Paulesti 107400

Design year: 2021

Year Built: 2021


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