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2023 Public Projects / Finland / Built in 2023 /

Ranta-Tampella is a new residential neighborhood located north of Tampere center by the Lake Näsijärvi. Through the area runs a water canal that connects Lake Näsijärvi to the historically significant Tammerkoski channel and rapids. The banks of the Tammerkoski channel are one of the oldest industrial areas in Finland. Ranta-Tampella’s planning for residential and public uses was abled as the former highway was replaced with a tunnel. Ranta-Tampella connects the urban areas of the city with the lake and nature.

The comprehensive project started as a competition win in year 2014. Since then, Maanlumo has designed the general plan and the landscape architectural vision for the whole area of 11 hectares. After that work has continued by construction planning in several parallel projects. The public outdoor spaces of the new neighborhood were built simultaneously with the residential buildings and therefore had an important role creating the identity of the area.

The concept of the public spaces is based on the intertwining of the new urban environment and the natural environment of Lake Näsijärvi and Tammerkoski rapids. A small cape Nyrkkäkallio beside Tammerkoski houses is the only existing nature of the area since most of the new shoreline was created on a landfill area. Moving along the shoreline from Nyrkkäkallio towards Kiiskisaarenpuisto Park the park changes slowly from natural to more urban. The vegetation is designed with natural and dynamic aspects mimicking the natural biotopes. Especially the use of recycled stone material was exceptional and versatile by using stone from nearby tunnel construction site and recycled paving stones for example in the stone walls, pavements and shoreline construction. The challenging natural condition of the area, such as wind, wave and ice condition, were carefully taken into account.

The unique design of bridges and canal are seamless part of the landscape architecture. The shapes of the bridges, shorelines and canal banks imitate the movement of the lake Näsijärvi waves; the biggest waves crash to the mouth of the canal shaping the sides more broadly and the movement slows down towards center of the canal where the shapes of the canal walls are more subtle. The unique character of the canal is created by concrete walls with reliefs inspired by movement of water. Sculpturally designed concrete platforms bend over the water. Visual appearance of the canal changes by the time of the day and seasons. The molds used for the canal concrete elements are recycled as a climbing wall.
Kiiskisaarenpuisto Park consist of three different parts: The longitudinal waterfront park and the two parks between the residential buildings. The shoreline park has two parallel routes. One is the fast bicycle and pedestrian connection. The other one is for peaceful walking including several resting places like wooden decks where one can enjoy the views towards lake Näsijärvi. Recreational elements of the park are versatile including outdoor gym, playground, several sitting areas, swimming pier and a guest dock.

The topography of the parks between the buildings is sloping towards the lake and the set up offers panorama towards the shoreline park. The parks are located partly on the roofs of the parking garages. The design is fading out the structures of the underground parking and the height differences are utilized in a playground and in an outdoor auditorium. The park spaces are inspired by the waves and winds of Lake Näsijärvi. Moving from the lake towards the residential buildings the vegetation and materials change from natural to more urban and gardenlike. The stormwater management was integrated seamlessly into park and square design with nature-based solutions.

The Gustaf Asp Square opens towards the lake being also the end of the long straight canal axis. The Ranta-Tampella bridge and the square are forming a solid sculpture where the square opens like a wing to the water. The large granite stairs descend to canal creating sitting areas and a visual connection between the square, bridge, canal and lake. The stairs also let the visitors get closer to water level. The vegetation emphasizes the dynamic spatial concept.

The outdoor areas of the new neighborhood have received lots of great feedback from the residents. Consistent and dedicated work of Maanlumo and successful cooperation with the client city of Tampere, resulted in a high-quality environment. Ranta-Tampella public outdoor areas were awarded for the best environmental structure of the year in Finland 2021. During the process, the newest information and innovative solutions were used to building carbon neutral, resource-wise and diverse urban environment.

Architecture offices involved in the design:
Engineering office Pontek Ltd and architecture office Ylitys Ltd
(architecture and construction design of the bridges and channel structures).
Aihio Architects Ltd (Gustaf Asp Square’s stairs and walls stonework details).
Engineering office Suunnittelukide Ltd (shoreside wooden docks).

Location: Ranta-Tampella, Tampere, Finland

Design year: 2014-2020

Year Completed: 2018-2023


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