Reconstruction of Senvage park in Panevezys, Lithuania by

2024 Public Projects / Lithuania / Built in 2022 /

Over the last decade, Panevėžys, a city in Lithuania, has transformed its image from an industrious city with criminal activities to an attractive place to live with great public spaces and a vibrant cultural life. This shift began in 2017 with a new city administration policy aimed at improving the quality of life and renovating public spaces in the historical center. Senvagė, an old riverbed park in the center of Panevėžys, underwent priority renovation due to its limited accessibility and lack of amenities. We won an architectural competition for Senvagė park, and by the end of 2022, the public space was opened. It immediately became a landmark of the city.

The new design of Senvagė aimed to achieve multiple goals: creating a new city identity, improving accessibility, bringing people closer to water, and uniting residents’ communities. The primary goal was to create a new city landmark—a “postcard place”—that would encourage residents to view the city anew. The red brick loop path connecting spots of interest and small pocket spaces along it quickly became the most recognizable place to stroll around and enjoy city views. A secondary task was to address the accessibility issue, as the site was very inaccessible due to height differences and many stairs, particularly for people with mobility difficulties. Newly designed paths, ramps, bridges, and cycling routes helped to link different neighborhoods, attractions, panoramic viewpoints, and public buildings.

Additionally, there was an ambition to bring people closer to the water, creating opportunities to interact with it, stay along its shores, or enjoy the flora and fauna. Piers, bridges, and wooden terraces provided chances to come closer to the lake, while a small island created a relaxing environment for small gatherings and sunbathing.

Lastly, but most importantly, Senvagė is a place for the community, where everyone can find activities to enjoy. There are playgrounds for children and teenagers, a sports area next to the community center, terraces for cafes, and space for markets and festivals. Panevėžys is renowned in Lithuania for its sports events, including swimming and triathlons, many of which take place in Senvagė park. Therefore, triathletes participated in the design process, suggesting sizes and distances between piers and shores to create a park suitable for sports competitions.

The creation of Senvagė as the citizens’ favorite park was aided by its landmark image, improved routes, simple and clean design, durable and natural materials, and increased greenery. It is used for festivities, daily meetings, strolling, and attracts tourists. The crowds contribute to more cafes, events, and overall increased livability of the city. Senvagė truly is the heart of Panevėžys.

Other landscape architecture offices involved in the design of landscape: 
Terra Firma LT Landscape Architects

Location: A. Jakšto g. 18, Panevėžys, 35144, Lithuania

Design year: 2017

Year Completed: 2022


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