The Red Bull Base, south of the city of Salzburg in Elsbethen, is the home of the Red Bull Media House, the headquarters team and the Fashion & FanWear team. It is a campus style location where the listed architecture of a former barracks has been mixed with modern additions and conversions. The campus is situated at the foot of the Berchtesgaden Alps.

An underground car park with 1200 parking spaces was built on the former site of the barracks under the 10,000m2 parade ground. In coordination with the Federal Monuments Office, a park with an event area was created above it. The axes existing on the site and the strict geometry of the facility were continued in the park in the form of the central zone (“forest zone”). This strictness dissolves in the retreat zones attached to the side. These small squares integrate the entrances to the underground car park and lead to the surrounding buildings. For integration into the old, well-preserved stock of trees, the central zone was given large coniferous trees such as pine, larch and bald cypress. A fountain and mist nozzles ensure a cool atmosphere on hot summer days. The quiet zones are shaded by umbrella-shaped deciduous trees with intense autumn colours. With the free furnishing, seating decks and long work and meeting tables, the park can be used individually by all employees. The floor coverings developed from what was already there. The existing rock was broken into gravel on site and installed in the middle zone. Clinker as a floor covering continues the tradition of the existing buildings.

Architecture offices involved in the design: glut Architektur ZT, AT-Wien; die Planerem ZT GmbH, AT-Thalgau

Location: Austria

Design year: 2018 – 2021

Year Completed: 2021


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