Redesign Centre Bernberg, Gummersbach by

2022 Public Landscape / Germany / Built in 2021 /

The district of Bernberg shows a need for urban renewal in many places. This not only applies to the existing apartment buildings, but especially to the public space.

The road axis between north and south, the community centre, the schoolyard as well as playgrounds and quarter entrances are known areas where improvements should take effect. The green and open space concept names the central construction measures and puts them together in a coordinated plan.

The aim of our open space concept is to make the planning space future-proof through target group-oriented planning. Bernberg offers an attractive, rural environment, numerous infrastructure options and good connections to nearby district and county centres. As a result of the concept, these positive aspects are now being supplemented by an attractive design of the quarter that is appropriate to the location. The barrier-free redesigned community centre with a new marketplace and renovated meeting place forms the urban centre within the “Green Fugue”. The “landscape cascade” is intended to promote togetherness and exchange in the Gummersbach quarter, which is characterized by many cultures. The play and equipment objects as well as the planting in the violet colour concept chosen by the citizens are characteristic of the overall concept.

The north axis in Bernberg is the central connection between the residential area and businesses, medical practices, and the local school. The cascading redesign of the axis not only reduces the existing steep slope in favor of a low-barrier connection, it also opens up new free spaces with communication-promoting values ​​for staying, moving, playing and experiencing. The highlight is the north-facing playground on the Falkenhöhe, which promotes the children’s motor skills with the play and climbing facilities integrated into the wooden deck. Seating walls and benches in the immediate vicinity offer numerous places to stay and make the venue a social and interactive meeting point in the quarter. Furthermore, play and sand play areas for smaller children, a boules area and fitness equipment for the older generation are divided along the north axis. The increased quality of local recreation in the area creates an active togetherness of young and old. The attractive path connection also promotes the exchange between the northern and southern parts of Bernberg, offers an opportunity to explore the other quarter and strengthens identification with the entire district.

The centre of Bernberg is characterized by shops, medical practices, service providers and the community centre and is therefore an important hub in the urban fabric. The topography also plays a major role – new ramps and staircases with integrated ramps, green areas and seating steps replace the existing drab staircases, which have formed a barrier between the different levels of use.

The new elements characterize the centee significantly and, in addition to the purely functional overcoming of heights, primarily pursue a design goal and the creation of a communicative, lively place to spend time. Adjacent to the new community centre, the “Active Centre” is being built, an area for young people with a calisthenics facility and bicycle workshop. The centre creates a seamless connection between the north axis and the community primary school, so that all areas form a whole and flow into one another in terms of design.

The south-facing schoolyard of the community primary school was redesigned in close cooperation with the students, teachers, parents, and educators of the open all-day school according to their wishes and needs. The result is an environment where creative and multifunctional play with a focus on the coexistence of different cultures in childhood is made possible. The special location of the schoolyard also allows for its use as a public playground and part of the community centre where children from different nations and educational backgrounds come together. The green classroom offers a varied outdoor learning space with direct reference to the natural surroundings.

As a result of the new measures, Bernberg has become an attractive place to live for young families and young people, which offers an environment suitable for seniors and is a place with opportunities for integration for different cultures. The open space design makes its contribution here with an attractive design, low-barrier path connections and communication-promoting places to stay with play value.

Project location:

Dümmlinghauser Str. 41

51647 Gummersbach


Design year:

Year Built:

2016 – 2021


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