Redesign of ‘Bastinweiher’ in Stolberg by

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The redevelopment concept for the city center of Stolberg envisages the ‘Bastinweiher’ water body and its surrounding open spaces as part of a bigger green ‘Ensemble’. While creating synergy among previously fragmented spaces, the design aims to offer diverse outdoor experience to different user groups.


To improve the connectivity with adjacent areas, the shape of this water body has been modified. A new pedestrian bridge not only enables easy accessibility to the school buildings, but also offers a unique vantage point. A shallow embankment with riparian planting and a stone band clearly define the transition to water. The wooden terrace on the north or the seating blocks scattered on the grass slope in the east bring people close to the water.

A shaded promenade with seating and play opportunities has been created under the trees along the Rathausstraße (street). The selection of material and the design vocabulary of this area reflect the industrial heritage of the city.

Community Park

A community park has been developed on the eastern side of the Bastinweiher. While integrating the existing trees in design, the proposal optimizes the pathway network and creates a central meadow. By removing tall understory planting and introducing grass and ground covers, the design ensures better visual connections with the surrounding.

‘Mühlen’ playground

The kids’ playground draws inspiration from the industrial mills of Stolberg. A play area with water symbolizes the water trench of a historic mill.

Sayett Garden

The Frankentalwiese area creates a new accent to the north. White paving bands interweave the lawn here and draws a strong reference to ‘Sayett’ – the historic Knitting yarn production in Rheinland.

This project has been nominated for the German Landscape Architecture Prize 2021.


Other offices involved in the project: Ingenieursgesellschaft Quadriga mbH

Project location: Rathausstraße 90, 52222 Stolberg, Germany

Design year: 2015 – 2017

Year Built: 2017



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