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Hospitality / Hospitality / Turkey / Built in 2020 /

Regnum Carya Hotel’s 6500 m² existing recreation area was redesigned in 2020. In its current state before, water games were held in the show pool in the middle area. The old project could not be used actively enough and a more calm and peaceful environment was requested, the public spaces, where the heart of the hotel may arise, goes beyond the space where everyone can relax and spend time.

With its design inspired by nature, bars and seating lodges were placed in the existing ornamental pool. Organic formed masses were selected to soften the existing pool in the boundaries detail section. In the center, there is the bar, which is a large unit, and smaller circular lounges connected to it. Communication with ramps carries an accessible design for everyone and handicap accessible. Top covers were designed to protect the seating areas from sun and rain. These wood-shaped, steel construction top covers carry their current nature form. The body of the bearer was camouflaged with natural ivy and the top with organic spikes. In addition, the lighting project was designed in accordance with the trace of the form, and a mysterious atmosphere was offered at night use.

Plants feature of being able to continue their lives without the need for additional water care. Natural landscapes were created with artificial rocks to achieve an organic texture. Many different design elements such as water, light and sound, which have plenty of fresh air and oxygen, have come up with a work that will appeal to more than one sense organ.

The project, which we believe to be successful in terms of use of space, has become in a short time with the traces of nature and serving the desired purpose.

Project location: Kadriye Bölgesi,, Üçkum Tepesi Mevkii, 07500 Serik/Antalya

Design year: 2020

Year Built: 2020


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