The Nivki district, known as one of the “Khrushchevka”, is adjacent to a huge territory of the aircraft plant and is located in the middle of the most densely populated district in Kyiv. In particular, the Residential complex “Fayna Town” itself was designed on the territory of former agricultural lands (a vegetable factory with greenhouses), which are not in conformity with the growing metropolis. Thus, the building project of the Residential complex “Fayna Town” (which is located on the territory of 96 acres, 28,4 acres of which are given for greening and landscape design) includes the creative transformation of the old, derelict, outdated and abandoned territory into a place for residential use with vibrant open spaces for communities. This transformation of the place contributes to urban development and change in the overall standard of living of the existing area of Nivki district. In the Residential complex “Fayna Town”, the ground floors of the complex are allocated for commercial premises, and the existing transport networks were reorganized, expanded, improved and supplemented with technological gadgets, adapted to the construction of a new urban block.

As we know, architecture and landscape have always been closely intertwined. And in our projects sometimes the landscape and existing natural plantations define the concept of the whole area. So, in the Residential complex “Fayna Town”, we preserved and highlighted the axis of evergreen trees located on the site, which served as a starting point for creating the main pedestrian promenade (over 3 km long with the widening and narrowing along the route). Passing through the entire area, the main direction of the pedestrian promenade is inextricably connected with the semi-private spaces for communities in the car-free inner yards of quarters, where in the smallest details the natural environment is recreated with a multi-tiered and diverse planting, interesting landscape and innovative design.

The variety of tree nursery helped to emphasize the relief depending on the location function and give to residents a sense of nature all around. So, in the courtyard there is a birch grove, which in its oval form gives a sense of integrity, stability and tranquility of this zone. The ash “Fraxinus pennsylvanica” near the facades of the houses is planted to underline the smooth lines of the landscape. Throughout the territory planted groups of different types of ornamental grass and bushes, which are necessary parts of modern landscape design. Also there is a maple “Drummondi”, linden “ Tilia cordata” and landing of the derain white “ Cornus alba” and so on. This diversity of the tree nursery allows to make the landscape multi-seasonal and attractive at any time of the year.

At the design and improvement of the territory were used various small architectural forms such as benches, pergola, and chaise lounges, which give physical comfort for residents of the housing in more private and cozy public space.

Landscape design determines the scenario of location events. Thus, due to the construction of the system of the dynamic floor dry fountain the landscape environment comes alive and exaggerates the emotional coloring of the space (calm or festive). To demarcate the spaces according to the destination various materials were used in paving, such as colored asphalt, lawn grating, paving blocks, natural stone. Large areas are given for the construction of children’s sports complexes (which were uniquely designed and constructed especially for that urban block) with flooring of rubber crumb (seamless). Tactile elements on the pedestrian path as well as ramps make public places convenient for persons with disabilities. Multi-level lighting of the paving along the main directions of the walkways in the inner part of the “Fayna Town” residential complex creates a feeling of warmth, a romantic and charming atmosphere.

In addition to the above, the landscape design of the whole residential complex is carefully designed and looped around by a cycle track (with a total length of 12 km) which leads to a bike parking near the metro station. Salyutna Street, which borders on the territory of “Fayna Town”, was also modernized and transformed into a “smart street”. This system is a complex of sensors that read information from observation cameras and pedestrian smartphones and collect data in one array. Digital technologies of the “smart city” will provide communication between people and urban infrastructure in order to maximally subordinate the needs of citizens.

As a result, a completely new comfortable diversified environment for all segments of the population such as children, adults, elderly people, as well as people with limited mobility, was created from the huge area of old, derelict, outdated and abandoned territory via architecture and landscape design.

Project category: Residential housing
Role of the entrant in the project: General designer
Other designers involved in the design of landscape: “HIP Park”- kid`s playground and equipment design development and construction documents.
“Cullmann workshop”- collaboration in design of Salutna “smart-street”.
Project location: 2-B Salyutna st., Kyiv, Ukraine
Design year: 2016
Year Built: 2019


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