Restructuration of the Villemessant Park, Enghien-les-Bains by

Projects / Projects 2018 / France / Built in 2016 /

At the intersection of the the route from the town center to the Enghein Lake, this public park is also part of the casino, covering its underground parking lot.
The partition of spaces inside the garden allows for different ambiences and activities.
The main lawn that underlines the perspective towards the lake and casino has become the meeting place for picnics, ball games and community events such as the jazz festival or the digital arts fair. The grass garden is ideally oriented to get the sun near the great falls while the alleys of pergolas offer light shade. The tended courtyard stretches along the shops in an ambience of flowered undergrowth. The hedged, open shaped alleys accompany the paths from the outside towards the inside of the park. They are made up of spectacular blossoming bushes that qualify them and create an event each season : profusion of flowers, leaves, fall colors, winter fruits.

Photo Crédit: Charles Delcourt
Entrant office name: APRES LA PLUIE
Role of the entrant in the project : Landscape designers – Representative
Website :
Other design firms involved: ID+ – Fontaine et développement
Project location : Enghien-les-Bains – France
Design year : 2012 – 2013
Year Built: 2013 -2016


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