Ringdijkpark is a robust ecological landscape park for humans and animals in the Haarlemmermeer. Our design enters into a powerful dialogue with the three existing, typically Dutch landscapes in the context: ring canal, dike and polder.

The area is an elongated zone between the historical residential area along the Ringdijk and the economic activities of Schiphol Airport. With the Ringdijkpark, two different functions – pleasant living and economic activity – can exist at a short distance from each other. We not only place a buffer between the two zones, but also give the park a social, aesthetic and ecological added value. At neighbourhood level, the landscape park offers a new place to relax in nature, but also makes a contribution to the longer chain of green spaces and ecologies in the Haarlemmermeer.

With a simple relocation of land, we simultaneously create a new water where new underwater fauna and flora can develop, and a slope that forms a natural and subtle boundary between the district and the airport. The powerful interplay of lines in the new slope gives the landscape park a robust and recognisable appearance.

The Ringdijkpark forms a new link between the Ringdijkvaart and Geniepark. A smaller ditch runs from the ring dike to a small dike that provides access to the dike houses. Behind it are the vast open water and free fields for activity. With seating elements, the elevated promenade provides opportunity for visitors to relax and the slopes with a rich mix of planting end the park.

Project location: Aalsmeerderdijk, Haarlemmermeer, The Netherlands

Design year: 2012

Year Built: 2014


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