Located in Fengtai Science Park, one of the earliest “one district and three parks” in Zhongguancun, Risun Plaza is a modern office complex that offers efficient and comfortable working experiences. Consisting of three independent Grade A office buildings and supporting amenities, the project features traditional Chinese architectural aesthetics inspired by traditional cultural context and the spirit of the era.

The construction of the project follows the idea of blending ancient and modern approaches. It aims to combine traditional cultural heritage with modern smart technology in architecture. This results in a refined artistic expression and innovative application of science and technology, which meets the demands of the current times. The project overcomes various difficulties with professional and skilled technology during the construction period. As a result, it sets a benchmark in functional, technical, artistic, scientific, and technological aspects.

At the entrance stands a majestic traditional Chinese welcome archway, beckoning visitors into a serene oasis. Beyond the gate unfolds a picturesque scene of lush greenery, vibrant blooms, tranquil lakes, and elegant pavilions, forming a veritable “paradise” nestled within the bustling science park. Adding to the architectural charm is a meticulously crafted screen wall in front of the office building, elevating the overall layered aesthetic and infusing the space with a harmonious blend of nature and flexibility.

The design of the landscape highlights the sequence and ceremony of the royal garden, while integrating the beauty and sophistication of the Jiangnan garden. It creates eight different landscape realms that serve as an urban living room, harmoniously blending landscape ambiance and humanity.

The southwest corner of the campus houses a meaningful spot named “Peace and Harmony”. This spot embodies the importance of peace and harmony in the world and conveys the values of public service and corporate responsibility. The grand entrance features the traditional gable-on-hip roof style. In terms of building material, traditional exposed structures are adorned with copper craftsmanship combined with traditional paintings that are reimagined through the artistry of forging and etching, mirroring the materials used in the park’s main buildings. The consistency of material also extends to the walls and lower portions of the structure, forging an exquisite dialogue between ancient and modern architectural elements. Inside the gate passage, the ceiling is adorned with forged four-leaf auspicious cloud patterns, paying homage to the project’s location, Sihezhuang, while embracing traditional cultural motifs. This harmonious fusion of form and spirit imbues the structure with a sense of identity and purpose. Standing before the entrance, a pair of Kylin sculptures radiate an aura of auspiciousness, welcoming visitors with timeless symbols of prosperity and good fortune.

Nestled among famous trees and flowers, there is a pavilion named Cheng’en, which means gratitude for ancestors and respect for the elderly, reflecting traditional Chinese virtues. It is adorned with copper artworks and ornaments, corresponding to metal in the Five Elements. The square pavilion has a calm and dignified appearance that complements the surrounding seasonal flowers and plants. The pavilion is surrounded by a flower-viewing ground that mainly consists of spirea, pearl plum, and other beautiful flowers. The paths feature unique ground carvings and pavements with lotus patterns derived from the Tang Dynasty, which symbolize auspiciousness and enhance the appeal of the garden walkway.

Location: No.6 Sihezhuang Road, Fengtai District, Beijing, China

Design year:2021

Year Completed:2023


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