RMZ Ecoworld is an Information Technology park located in the southeast part of Bangalore, India. A large outdoor podium at the first storey is surrounded by 5 office blocks in this project. Responding to the geometric layout of the architecture, “ribbons” of green lawn, blue reflecting pools, yellow, pink and grey walkways, are laid across the first storey podium, in a grid-based pattern.

These “ribbons” of lawn, reflective pools and walkways intersect each other, creating a network of connections across the landscape podium to the 5 office blocks. The “ribbons” extend into the sheltered outdoor lobby spaces of these office blocks, blurring the lines between the outdoor and semi-outdoor spaces. The rectangular pockets between these ribbons became outdoor “rooms” of trellised decks, gravel pockets with seating spaces below trees and open lawn areas.


Large void cutouts at the podium level open up to the ground level below, where F&B, retail and other facilities surround a central outdoor space. The “ribbons” extend down to this outdoor space, providing a visual connection between the podium and the ground storey landscape.

At the ground storey, a blue “ribbon” of reflecting pool, wraps around an outdoor green amphitheater with tiers of lawn band seating, providing a space for performances or casual seating on non-performance days. The blue “ribbon” of reflective pool is also stretched across the entrance to the development, animated by low water jets in a grid pattern. A row of palms in the reflective pool frames the entrance to the development.

The grid-based pattern is carried through the planting design, where hedges and rectangular blocks of planting of different textures and colours, reinforce the landscape design.

Name of the project:
RMZ Ecoworld

Project category:
Public Project

Project location:
RMZ Ecoworld Rd, Adarsh Palm Retreat, Bellandur, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Design year:

Year Built:


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