Rough&Ready Curve Bench All Black

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With their curved shape, Rough&Ready (R&R) Curve Benches All Black have a distinctive appearance. These benches consist of transverse modular beams mounted in a self-supporting Streetlock® comb. The 200cm-long modules can be linked together to create any desired length or radius. This offers the architect a great deal of freedom in design. The steel supports of the products can be delivered in galvanized, coated or CorTen steel. Arm and backrests are available as optional add-ons. Backrests consist of a rounded back element that can be mounted almost anywhere on the bench. The transverse positioning of the beams make R&R Curve Benches highly unappealing to skateboarders.

The Rough&Ready Curve Bench is part of the Rough&Ready Range. This collection owes its cohesion to the distinct, standardized R&R beam size of 7×15 cm, and holds a unique position within the Streetlife Collection. The R&R products are sturdy and robust, use sustainable materials and afford a contemporary appearance. They have a ‘minimal’ look. The beams used can be realised in two versions: in hardwood or in ‘All Black’. All Black beams, with their deep black finish, allow for the creation of beautiful contrasts, an aesthetic feature that underlines just how unique the material actually is. When choosing sustainable street furniture, All Black is a responsible alternative to hardwood.

This recycled product has many advantages, in terms of both sustainability and maintenance. Ink and paint hardly adhere to the surface and cold, heat and UV radiation have no impact on the beams. The material complies with NEN 6065 fire class 3, which makes it extremely suitable for use in demanding environments such as playgrounds and coastal zones.

All Black is made of recycled plastic (PE and PP) from e.g. bottle caps, crates and agricultural plastics. Reusing these products helps not only reduce the enormous plastic waste stream but also cuts down on the need for transportation due to the local availability of these resources. No chemicals are added to the raw material, only soot for the colouring, All Black has a very low carbon footprint and can itself be recycled. The end product is durable, does not require maintenance and will not splinter or warp. The material is black throughout and damage is therefore barely noticeable. As All Black beams have a matt appearance and rough texture, the product does not look like plastic. Finally, the very long lifespan (at least 50 years) of the material makes it a more than suitable alternative to hardwood. In association with Sydväst Arkitektur Och Landskap a unique project has been realized in All Black. In Jönkoping, Sweden Streetlife has delivered a 120 meter long R&R Curved Bench along the banks of Vättern Lake in Atollen. The sitting depth measures 90 cm. The beams are placed on a concrete console which meanders along the lake shore and makes for inviting seating from which to enjoy the weather and the view.

Manufacturer name: Streetlife

Designer (if applicable): Streetlife in association with Sydväst Arkitektur Och Landskap

Year of the start of manufacturing: 2015


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